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Guide to Backup WhatsApp Chat History From iPhone to PC

Some conversations are important in many ways. It could be a personal conversation you love to have a glance at over again. Or it could a  business conversation turned out to be a vital information which you don’t wanna lose it. What so ever it is, or how does it impact on your life, if you wish to keep a backup of those chat history or shared conversation from your iPhone, there is a reliable way to get it done.

You might think of pressing the “Load more” option from chat window to view the conversations but does it really comforting? On the other hand, at a certain point, your device need to free up some space filled with all those chat history and shared on contents via WhatsApp.

Freeing up device storage space helps it run faster. But, removing important conversations from WhatsApp is not we really opt to do. So, a convenient backup is all we need here. Thus, we can take a look at to those important conversations whenever we wish.

WhatsApp chat history

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat History From iPhone to Windows Computer

You can keep your WhatsApp chat history backed up and read them on Computer while you can keep your iPhone free from file-overload. This can be done using two efficient tools as such WhatsApp Xtract and iPhone Backup Extractor.

Part 1: Backup & Extract WhatsApp Chat History

While backing up your WhatsApp data, assure to create unencrypted backup files for the extractor tool is unable to read encrypted files. Now, proceed with the below steps.

Step 1: Using a USB cable, connect the iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Open your iTunes account and backup your iPhone data.

Step 3: Download and install iPhone Backup Extractor tool on your computer to extract the WhatsApp data from the backed-up file.

Step 4: Open the extractor tool and let it auto-locate your backed-up iPhone files.

Step 5: If you can’t find the backed up files in the primarily located folder, open the drop-down option and look for “Another backup folder.”

Step 6: Once the backed-up file is located, click the “Expert Mode” button followed by “Application” option.

backup whatsapp chat from iphone

Step 7: Locate the “net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp” folder and hit the box located next to it. After that, click on the “Extract selected” button.

extract selected

[All the extracted WhatsApp data will be stored in the “Application” folder. The Application folder is located in the “Extract selected” folder.]

Step 8: To proceed, look for the “ChatStorage.sqlite” for this will be necessary for the next step.

Part 2: Extract And Read WhatsApp Conversations

Now that, you have extracted your WhatsApp data from iPhone backed-up files. To read or see the conversations, you will need to extract the chat history from the recently extracted WhatsApp data files.

Step 1: Download and install WhatsApp Xtract tool on your computer.

Step 2: Open the WhatsApp Xtract folder and find “ChatStorage.sqlite” file in it. Replace the file by the “ChatStorage.sqlite” file that you have extracted earlier from iPhone backed-up folder.

Part 3: Reading the Backed-up WhatsApp Conversations

Once the chat history is extracted from WhatsApp data using the above method, you may now read them on your browser. For this, you will need another application called Phyton.

Step 1: Download the Phyton 32bit/x86 version. Make sure that you download only this version as the 64bit version is prone to get errors. Install it.


Step 2: Now, get back to the WhatsApp Xtract folder and click on the “!install pyCrypto.bat” file to run it. You may also right-click on the file and run it as CMD.

Step 3: Now, run the “WhatsApp_xtract_iphone.bat” file.

Once it is complete, the WhatsApp chats will be displayed on your browser and you can read them. You may click on various contacts to open the chats you had with that person.

If you wish to open the chats in the future and read them again, there is an HTML file stored in the WhatsApp Xtract folder named as “ChatStorage.sqlite.” You may open it anytime and read those conversations when in need.


So, that’s how you can keep your WhatsApp data backed-up to your Windows PC from iPhone and read all the backed up chat history whenever you want. Thus, you can remove the overloaded chat data from WhatsApp keep your iPhone run faster and smoother.

This is quite a long procedure to follow and I won’t be surprised if you face any problem following the guidance on how to Backup WhatsApp Chat History From iPhone to PC. Feel free to make any qeries if required and I will share all sort of possible ways to get things done right.


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