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10 Things You Should Avoid While Traveling | Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Trip

avoid while traveling

Travel is a fun thing, as you all know. Many travel writers always talk about what you should do when you travel anywhere, where you should visit and what you shouldn’t miss. But mostly, those are talks about sightseeing and things to do. For instance, go to this place, do this, must visit and so on. But what about all the things that you shouldn’t do on the road?

avoid while traveling

Many travelers might end up making mistakes while traveling that lead them to waste money, loss of time, and missed opportunities. It’s easy to say what to do but sometimes tend to forget to mentions all the don’ts. So today, I want to share some of the basic & common mistakes that you should avoid while traveling. In my opinion, I have made lots of mistakes in the past while traveling, but doing things in a wrong way shows you the right path as well.

10 Things You Should Avoid While Traveling | Mistakes Can Ruin Your Trip:

Making mistakes while traveling is a common thing, whether you’re a full-time traveler or a weekend traveler. At one point of time, you are bound to make a mistake while traveling. Yes, that’s right! we all do at some point in time. Therefore, to avoid doing mistake while traveling and not end up ruining your trip. Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid while traveling:

1.Planning Too Many Things:

avoid while traveling

To plan for what you want to do, theirs a good thing but planning your schedule right from breakfast to nightcap might end up limiting all your travel experience. Moreover, you might end up taking a risk by missing out on some places that no one had ever visited.

2.No Proper Research:

avoid while traveling

Always keep in mind to check your passport validity and book a return ticket. Sometimes, many people got denied to board their flights or turned away from immigration due to their passport expiry date is in less than a months and much more. However, even if you hold a passport which doesn’t require any visa for your destination, still you will need to do some basic research before traveling.

3.Over Packing:

avoid while traveling

Whenever you are traveling make sure to pack up all your things smartly. Wondering why? even if you wish to pack all your favorite clothes but always keep in mind to know how much weight you can carry around while traveling. In addition, if your luggage becomes heavy then will surely restrict you from doing few things while traveling.

4.Not Alerting Your Bank Before You Travel:

avoid while traveling

Sometimes what happens when you are traveling and want to use your ATM without alerting your bank. Then it will appear them something suspicious activity is going on and they will just block your card. Therefore, to avoid such kind of mistake while traveling then all you need to do is few minutes of paperwork can definitely save your hours of struggles and pain when you get stranded without money in the strange country.

5.Not Buying Travel Insurance:

avoid while traveling

When you are traveling, you never know what might happen to you on the way. Therefore, to avoid such mistake and ruin your trip invest in a good travel insurance plan, that will protect you against any kind of situations whether it is theft or medical emergencies.

6.Not Keeping all Your Money in one Place:

avoid while traveling

Suppose, you kept all your money in one place, then, in my opinion, you are making a great mistake. Why? This way it makes things easy for the thieves to steal all your money at one go. Therefore, to avoid them always keep some emergency money in a few secrets spots either in your hand bag or anywhere else.

7.Drinking Tap Water:

avoid while traveling

According to my experience, the fastest way to get sick is by drinking tap water, which is unsafe for your health. However, in many countries, tap water might suit the people living there because their stomach get used to it. But not to you. Yes, that’s right. Therefore, to avoid getting sick while you travel, always keep in mind to be safe and drink bottled water.

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8.Picking a Wrong Travel Companion:

Suppose, you are traveling with someone who has a habit of whining, always being judgemental can surely ruin your travel experience and turn into vain. Therefore, always keep in mind to choose the perfect travel companion, who shares the similar thinking with you.

9.Not Carrying Comfortable Shoes While Traveling:

avoid while traveling

When you travel, always keep in mind to carry at least one pair of comfortable shoes with you. Sometimes, traveling your feet might hurt, so to make your feet happy carry one or two comfortable shoes with you when you travel.

10.Being Clueless About the Local Laws:

avoid while traveling

There is no harm in few countries to walk around with a can of beer in public and drink it, but in some parts of the countries, you might even get arrested for this! Yes, that’s right. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a night behind the bars because you are having a lack of knowledge about the local laws. Then always do research on the local laws of the country before you visit there.

These are the lists of 10 things to avoid while traveling that can ruin your travel experience. Therefore, if you avoid these basic mistakes, then you will enjoy traveling cheaper, smarter and longer.

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