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Avoid Taking Sugar- 7 Reason Why You Should Avoid

avoid taking sugar

Sugar has turned into an essential additive as we find sugar in every sweet dishes, processed food, and many other food items. There are a lot of food items that doesn’t taste good without sugar, just like salt is an essential ingredient in your daily food. But there is a reason why doctors say to avoid taking sugar. As the Proverb says,” Sugar Is The Devil’s Favorite Food” and there is more than just one reason why you should avoid taking sugar too.

avoid taking sugar

Sugar can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. However, many processed foods as well contains sugar in huge amounts. Added sugar is very unhealthy for your health, which causes many diseases like diabetes, highblood sugar, and much more which I have discussed below.

Reason Why You Should Avoid Taking Sugar- ” Sugar Is The Devil’s Favorite Food”.

We already intake too much sugar with our daily food that we eat. Therefore, in order to keep your health and prevent various diseases, here are some reason why you should avoid taking sugar:

1. Added Sugar Contains a Large amount of Fructose:

avoid taking sugar

This is the first reason why you should avoid taking sugar. It contains a large amount of fructose. Generally, Sugar consists of half glucose and half fructose. However, Glucose is important and produce in every part of the cell in the body. Coming to Fructose is not healthy at all for proper functioning in our body. It can only be metabolized in your liver, but with glycogen, it turns into fat.

Don’t get confused with fruits, as it doesn’t apply to fruit. Fruit contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and lots of water in it but very little natural sugar.


Fructose can be metabolized only in the liver. That way, when you eat lots of fructose then, many things can go wrong easily inside your body. The first being the cause of fatty liver.

2.Sugar Contains No Vitamins or Minerals:

avoid taking sugar

Sugar basically is empty calorie, it does not contain any vitamins or mineral in it. Sugary food products like pastries, sodas and candy bars contain very less amount or no nutrients. However, there are many people who consume such kind of foods instead of some nutritious fruits which is a good source of sugar. This can fill your stomach but lacks in important nutrients.


Products which contains added sugars has very fewer nutrients in it and it is called as “empty” calories.

3.Sugar can cause Erosion of Fat in the Liver:

Earlier, you have already known that when you eat fructose it goes directly to your liver right. If your liver glycogen is low, the fructose can be used by your body as an alternative to glycogen. However, many people consume fructose even when they are not working out  which leaves their liver filled with glycogen. At this point, your liver turns the fructose into fat and sometimes it can turn into a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.


Always remember that taking lots of added sugar can cause erosion of fat in the liver and end up having Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

4.Sugar Harms Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides Level:

avoid taking sugar

Low-Density Lipoprotein particles are rich in triglycerides and cholesterol. As per the studies says, many people drinks at least 25% extra calories daily through sweetened drink or a fructose contained sweetened drink.


Consuming lots of calories like fructose can cause your body and health to degrade within 10 weeks. And this turns into the first stepping stone towards obesity, heart disease, diabetes and poor health for the lifetime.

5.Sugar Can be Addictive:

avoid taking sugar

Do you know the reason why you always crave for sweet sugary snacks? Consuming sugar is similar to taking drugs. However, consuming sugar can change your brain productivity which releases dopamine. Whether it is good or bad sugar can cause harm to your body.

Consuming a lot of junk foods can also cause the release of dopamine. Therefore, the best way to stay away, you need to avoid eating junk food that contains fructose in it.

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6.Sugar Promotes the Growth of Fats in the Body:

avoid taking sugar

There is a time when we need fats and when we don’t need in our body. In Simple terms, sugar can be good and bad as well. Good sugar produces good fats in our body and bad one produces bad fats. So, when you consume lots of added sugar in your body then it changes the way your brain respond to food. That is why many people who consume a high amount of fructose can eat much food than those people who are on diet.


Always remember that fructose can make people go hungry all the time. This might cause increase in physical fat in the body and will also be unknownly consuming high calories in daily diets.

7.Sugar can Destroy Your Social Life:

avoid taking sugar

A study confirms that, excessive intake of sugar can even cause people to abandon their relationships with their loved ones and limit their outdoor activity in order to eat and rest.

This way, when your body becomes unhealthy and obese, you will be less associated in physical activity and consume more junk foods. It usually happens to those who are either unhappy with their life or in order to take away their stress they consume lots of sugar.

These are the reason why you should avoid taking sugar. Always keep your body healthy by consuming good sugar and not processed sugar which can cause many side-effects to your body and increase number of diseases.

So, stop taking processed food that contains added sugar in it, instead intake some foods which contain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in it.

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