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Ashwin and His Wife Dead After Their BMW Car Caught Fire!!

Ashwin Sundar and His Wife Died
Pic Source: TOI

In an accident, India professional car racer or former national racing champion Ashwin Sundar and his wife Nivedhitha were charred to death. The accident took place in Chennai, Santhome Road. Around 1.30AM, in the early hour of Saturday, Sundar was driving their BMW car and hit a roadside tree.

Ashwin Sundar dead
Pic Credit: Wikipedia

The accident happened when they are returning home. After hitting a roadside tree, the car stuck in between tree and wall. Both of them were trapped in the car but couldn’t help anything. The car caught fire and charred to death this couple, according to the police.

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The passerby who was at that place informed to the Chennai City Control Room. But is was too late to recover the situation. Some of those who saw that car on fire also made it live on Facebook, which has gone viral.

Initially, police didn’t recognize the identity of them. After car registration number they identified it. His wife Nibedhitha was professionally a doctor in private hospital. Both of their body sent to the GR hospital for postmortem.

News Source: ANI News

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