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Apple plans to end the production of iPhone X by the summer of 2018

Apple plans to end the production of iPhone X by the summer of 2018

Last September, Apple launched not two but three iPhones; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the 10 year anniversary special iPhone X.

iPhone X not only was the center of the event but also stole the show thanks to its new design, face recognition and other features of the smartphone.

Like every other year, long before Apple came out with their new phones, leaked reports and images already confirmed that there was going a new iPhone coming up with a futuristic design and features.

Due to its bezel-less display, Apple removed the fingerprint sensor from the device, and introduced what they called ‘Face ID’.

The device comes with 4 sensors which scan your face and recognizes it to unlock the device. During the launch, Apple also claimed that the device Face ID  can recognize your face even if you had oil, water or  even if you get older.

However, the last 5 months hasn’t been too good for Apple.

It all began when an iPhone 8 users reported that while charging her new iPhone 8, the device split up. Within a few days another user reported that her iPhone 8 Plus’s body suffered the same faith. This lead Apple to start an investigation to know what’s the reason behind it?

And then during the winter, several users started reporting that their iPhone X display wasn’t working properly and some of them claimed that the display had a green vertical line showing up.

This all had a bad effect on the iPhone X sales. And month by month, the sale started going down. This is something which any smartphone vendor won’t like it happening.

Things got worse when Apple intentionally released an update which slowed down older iPhone models including last year iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

At first, Apple didn’t admit at it but when they were caught, in their defense, the company wrote a statement that they did it to preserve and increase the lithium ion’s battery life. More problem for Apple started to occur when iPhone users started filing lawsuits against them.

First forward, according to leaked news, Apple is planning to retire their most proclaimed and fastest iPhone; the iPhone X by the summer of 2018.

Now if that rumor is true then there might some valid reasons behind it.

One of them being poor sales.

Whether you are an Apple fan or an Android fan, you have to admit the fact in 2017, the costliest and over rated smartphone was the iPhone X.

Apple plans to end the production of iPhone X by the summer of 2018

In India, Apple launched the device the base variant of the iPhone X i.e. 64 GB model at Rs. 89,000 which roughly converts to 1400 dollars.

All over the world, the iPhone X was getting sold very quickly but the pace started to slow after customers started reporting several issues which they have been facing with their iPhone X.

Apple faced more embarrassment when their iPhone X ‘Face ID’ wasn’t working which they promised it would work.

A couple months ago another iPhone X user in China claimed that her colleague could also unlock her iPhone X using the Face ID. Worst, the iPhone X Face ID fails to identify twins.

Overall, Apple most hyped feature about the iPhone X isn’t looking too exciting anymore.

Perhaps that could also be another reason why Apple is planning to shut down the production of the iPhone X.

Now, if you are someone who is thinking of buying the iPhone X, my advice to you would wait until September for new models of iPhone or go with the iPhone 8 Plus.

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