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Apple plans to cut down the production of iPhone X by 50 %

Apple plans to cut down the production of iPhone X by 50 %

If 2016 was a bad year for Samsung then the same can be said for Apple for the year of 2017. When Apple launched the new series of iPhone back in September, the company expected the new iPhones to bring in more revenue than the previous series of iPhone which were launched in 2016.

However, as we all know that didn’t turn out that way.

A couple of weeks ago, a leaked report suggested that Apple is now planning to retire their best and most bragged about smartphone i.e. iPhone X by the mid of 2018.

Soon after the new iPhones were released which included iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, multiple users reported that their new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus started splitting up while charging. The first of such kind of issue was reported from Taiwan.

Later Apple launched an investigation to know the exact reason for the body of new iPhone model splitting up during charging.

Now, this had an effect on the sales of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Despite all these, the Apple’s iPhone X continued to be the best selling smartphone of 2017.

However, this happy run of the iPhone X didn’t continue for a long period of time. In the start of 2018, it was revealed that iPhone X sales slowed down. Many expected that the sales would increase but that didn’t happen.

Fast forward, it was later revealed that Apple is planning to end the iPhone X. Many at that time regarded it as a marketing strategy.

But a couple of days ago, a new leaked report confirmed that Apple plans of retiring the iPhone X. The report reveals that Apple is now planning to cut down the production of iPhone X by 50 %. If you put that percentage in numbers that is about 20 million units of iPhone X which will not be produced by Apple.

This something which can be believed given the fact that the shares of Apple are also being going down.

Now coming to the smartphone which has been in the spotlight for since the late of 2017 i.e. iPhone X.

Apple plans to cut down the production of iPhone X by 50 %

The iPhone X was launched as the future of the smartphone by Apple. With its new design and edge to edge display, the iPhone X did look promising but the biggest feature of the iPhone X was the all-new Face ID didn’t shine.

Regardless of Apple’s presentation of the Face ID being precise and can even unlock user’s face in the dark and when they get old, there were scenarios where the Face ID failed miserably.

The Face ID failed to differentiate between twins, even a user in China claimed that her iPhone X could be unlocked by her colleague, so this was something which Apple didn’t expect to happen.

The embarrassment continued, as another user reported that her son could easily unlock her iPhone X. Overall, the iPhone X’s most bragged about feature didn’t shine, especially in several countries in Asia.

And the controversy doesn’t end there. Back in December, Apple faced a big embarrassment when a user found out that Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhones with the iOS 11 updates.

When news started publishing, Apple in their defense brought out a statement that they slowed the old iPhones because they were planning to increase the battery life of the older iPhones which were having the Lithium batteries.

This is also lead to few iPhone 6 users filing a case against Apple. In total, recently, Apple has been in the news for all the wrong reason.

Last month, Apple finally came up with a battery replacement program for the older iPhone 6 series but the damaged had already been done.

As we look forward towards the new iPhone 9 series in September, we hope that Apple will address the Face ID issues in their upcoming iPhone models.




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