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Apple finally admits that they are slowing down old iPhones


One of the most anticipated smartphones of this year was Apple’s iPhone X, and iPhone 8 series, but iPhone X kind of sidelined the iPhone 8 series.

However, after a couple of weeks of the launch, news started coming that old iPhone models including last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were getting laggy and started slowing down all of a sudden.

Many raised this issue via social media platforms but no solution or statement was provided by Apple. The company did know about this issue but kind of avoided answer or giving a statement regarding this matter.

As a result, many experts claimed that Apple did this on purpose to make old iPhone users to upgrade new iPhones.

This gave companies like Samsung, Google a chance to troll iPhone users.

But this is a serious concern for everyday iPhone users, several iPhone 6 and 6S users were facing issues like their iPhone freezing and randomly shutting down automatically, which is definitely not a good thing for users who are using the old iPhone 6 as their everyday device.


The tech giant did accept the fact in the beginning of 2017 that numerous iPhone 6 and 6S series users where facing this problem and released an updated version iOS 10.2.1 to reduce such incidents but still today users are facing this issue.

Furthermore, when reports started coming in that even last year’s iPhone 7 models started slowing after receiving the iOS 11.2 update, this made fans more furious.

Some have also sued Apple regarding this slowing down issue.

However, Apple didn’t come out with a response which was not a good thing.

But yesterday, to everyone’s surprise, Apple finally admitted that they are slowing down old iPhone’s performance on purpose, but the reasons which they gave wasn’t something which anyone expected.

Apple in their defence said that they slowed down old iPhone’s performance in order to make sure that their device doesn’t get affected during cold conditions and also prolonging their device’s lithium-ion batteries which becomes less efficient when used during cold environments as it gets older and therefore fails to deliver the peak performance and then randomly shuts down when used in such environments.

The best part is that Apple wasn’t going to disclose this information, but when they got caught, they had to come up with a justification for deliberately slowing down old iPhones.


Instead of slowing down old iPhones, Apple could have come up with a battery replacement program for their old iPhone users.

So, now old iPhone users, especially iPhone 6 series users have two option either they continue to face random shutdowns or update their iOS version and reduce their device’s performance.

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