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Disadvantages of Cloud Security

Cloud Storage is basically one of the most secure ways to store your private data as well you firm data under heavy security. And with increasing privacy of their personal life as well as for people working in firms, storing data has never been this easy and safe. So if you are thinking about getting a cloud storage for yourself then it’s time you see the flip side of the disadvantages of Cloud security. Yes, that right if you through cloud storage was the perfect solution to store your data on a private server then you must get through this list of list of disadvantages before you go ahead and choose a new cloud storage for yourself.

So without further delay let me take you through the list of the few of the biggest disadvantages of cloud storage and let you decide whether you are going to choose the cloud storage as you new storage space or not. Note that, cloud storage is indeed the best way to store your data.

Disadvantages of Cloud security

  1. The very first disadvantage that you would face would be the issue of possible downtime. AS you will be storing all the data on an online server, any server problem will cause a server down time problem which means you can’t access or save any data at that time.

  2. Security reason can also be a reason why cloud storage can be disadvantageous. As you will be storing all the private data on the same space, you will have a higher risk of exposing your data. If you leave the login user name or password unsecured then you will have a lot of problem.

  3. Cost can be a big factor if you a simple cloud storage user and you have now become addicted/ concerned about storing your data on secured cloud storage. As could storage for many cloud service provider only offers with limited storage after which you have to start paying for more space. And the cost being high in many cases can create a huge draw back for free cloud storage users.

  4. You can switch to different cloud but you can’t transfer data between different cloud service provider which creates a big issue.

There you have it, these were the list of disadvantages that you will need to face while using the cloud storage. So you are willing to endure this problems that you may or may not face in the future while using the Cloud storage service then you are ready to decide now.