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Another Bad News For Kapil | New Show To Replace The Kapil Sharma Show!!

Upcoming show Chhotemiyan dhakaad

While The Kapil Sharma Show is in trouble, a brand new show is coming on 25th March in Colors. The channel where Kapil Sharma started his popular show The Comedy Night With Kapil. Now a report confirms Colors to come with a new show at the same timing of The Kapil Sharma Show and same day.

The new show of Colors to be named as Chhote Miyan Dhakaad, we already the promo of this upcoming comedy show last month. A new video on their official Facebook fan page, which they have already recorded for Saturday and Sunday.Chhote miyan dhakaan

Replacing the  Comedy Night Bachao, the new comedy show will be featured by little comedians. The Chhote Miya Dhakaad is a reality show, and it is to broadcast every week on Saturday and Sunday at 6 PM and 10 PM. Suhel Khan and Neha Dhupia to be the judge in this show.

As of report, Sony is forcing to resolve the issue that happened last Friday night while returning from Australia on a flight. Many of Sunil Grover fans to boycott The Kapil Sharma Show if Sunil exit the show. TRP of this show definitely to go down and this popular show is in trouble for now.

Hence, this would be a right time for the Colors, as they are launching a reality-based comedy show on their Channel. Because of The Kapil Sharma Show, the competing show of this channel as Comedy Nights Bachao had seen a bad impact on TRP; they had to shut it down.

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As The Kapil Sharma Show was doing well with their co-stars. Till yet there is a rumour that Sunil Grover will leave this show and also some other co-stars. The impact of their absence will harm this show and Sony. However, no commitment from them to exit these show, and time will tell us whether they will remain in the show or not.

Though, the brand new show from Colors will not be the same format of The Kapil Sharma Show. But if they leave the show most of this show’s fans will swap to Chhote Miyan Dhakaan. As many people say, Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi (Sunil Grover) is the main reason to watch Tha Kapil Sharma show. And believe that Sony has to face impact in TRP. Check out Chhote Miya Dhakaan promo right below-

So what do you think, Chhote Miyan Dhakaad will give a bad impact to The Kapil Sharma Show? Or is this show to compete with The Kapil Sharma Show? Share your views on this with us by commenting below in the comment box and follow us more updates on latest trends.

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