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Android Ads Blocker: Find Easy Way To Block Ads In SmartPhones

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Using Smartphones, we see many ads coming on the Android phone whenever you open any apps. And there is no chance for your stop them coming because certain apps have registered the ads to come in, as soon as you open any apps. While any phone by default will not allow you to block ads but it is very irritating when the ads keep on coming on the screen.

block ads

These ads are coming from different companies who always place the ads on your screen on which the app is running. And all these ads are very sensitive, even with a single touch will redirect you to other sites. This is very annoying and making you lost from your previous web page. If it was on the PC, there are many block ads extensions that will help you block ads, but phone do not have such extension.

If it was on the PC, there are many block ads extensions that will help you block ads, but phone do not have such extension. And also we know that it is impossible to stay without the internet on our phone, so what would be the possible way to prevent such annoying ads?

So here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best apps that will help you block ads on your phone.

How to Block Ads on Android phones

There are many apps to block ads on the android phone, but you should also choose the right one. So here let us discuss all the features of the Apps shown below, which will help to choose the right apps for you.

1. Unicorn Adblocker (₹ 110 INR)

This is a premium app which you will get full control over incoming ads on your phone. This app is compatible on any phone, it blocks ads and safe data. So no more ads popping on your screen after you have download this app.

block ads


  • Block all types of Ads
  • Provides faster browsing experience
  • Include power saving mode.
  • It saves data up to 50% from your previous usages.

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How to Download Unicorn Adblocker

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will be redirected to Google play store
  • Next, click on the Buy button to buy the App.
  • Now, you will be asked for choosing the payment mode.
  • After making the payment, now you are using the apps.

block ads

2. Adblock Plus (Free)

This App is specially designed for Samsung S7 which will block many of the Ads coming on the phone. This ads blocker is also available for the PC, well, now you can also use it on your phone.

block ads


  • Block ads in most of the app or site
  • Provided with Browser have ads free browsing.
  • You can also allow some ads to come by manually managing in the setting on your device after installing this app.

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How to Download Adblock Plus

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will enter into the Google play store, and select the app.
  • Click on the Install button to download and install the app.

block ads

3. NoRoot Firewall (Free)

This is the traditional windows firewall which comes for Android phones. This app needs no root for android and simply get the app installed on your phone and it will protect your phone from any external malware.

block ads


  • Free to download
  • Protects from malware.
  • Avoid annoying Ads coming in your Phone browser.
  • No Root is required for using this app, download and install the app and it is done.

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How to Download

  • Click on the Button below.
  • Now you will enter on Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Install Button to download the app.
  • The app will be installed automatically on your phone.
  • Finally, open the app and manage the setting to prevent ads on your phone.

block ads

4. Adblock Fast (Free)

This App is free to download and are provided with very innovative ads blocker tools. Just download the app and enable the Ads Block in your phone and enjoy Ads free browsing on your Android Phones.

block ads


  • Blocks Ads for Samsung Device
  • Fastened your browsing
  • save data and battery by preventing background running apps.

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How to download

  • Click on the Button below.
  • Now select the app on Google Play store.
  • Click on Install button.
  • It will automatically download and install the app. And enjoy ads free browsing on your phone.

block ads

5. Adblock Browser for Android (Free)

This is the first app to Block ads coming on your Phone. Many apps or browsers contains ads which are very annoying and covers all the content. This app is also safe and secured for keeping on your phone and will prevent any ads coming into your screen while browsing.

block ads


  • This app is free to download.
  • provided with Browser that will completely prevent ads coming.
  • prevents malware attacks and also other infected files to come on your phone.
  • You can add, filter to certain sites and create child mode manually.
  • Battery Saving mode included.
  • You can manually enable or disable the Ads block option.

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How to Download Adblock Browser

  • Click on the Button below.
  • Now you will enter into the Google Play Store.
  • Next, select the app and click install button to download and install the app.
  • Finally, use the Ads Free Browsing on your Android Phone.

block ads


So these are the top 5 App to Block Ads, which is very useful for not only blocking the ads but also making your apps browsing faster and safer than before. We have also discussed, how to block ads on your Android phones, hope you find this article helpful. You can download any one of the Apps shown above, but it is highly recommended to use only one app at a time on your phone.

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