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Android Oreo Launched: Google Announced Next Android Version 8.0

Android Oreo

Android Oreo Launched: The next Android version which is likely to be named as Android Oreo is released today by Google. The sighted Android version 8 (Oreo) is about to be the final version of Android according to the officials. The version will be soon implemented in the Smartphones and Tabs. The name of the next Android version is kept as Oreo giving a tribute to the famous cookie name Oreo produced by Nabisco.

Users of Google Pixel and Nexus devices will soon be receiving update options for Android Oreo whereas, Beta users to be the first receiving the update in near future. The new update for rest of the Smartphones from various brands will depend on their manufacturing progress.

Android 8

According to the Vice President of Product Management of Google Play and Android, Sameer Samat, “Android Oreo is gonna be smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever.” 

He added in his certain blog post, “It comes with new features like picture-in-picture and Autofill to help you navigate tasks seamlessly. Plus, it’s got stronger security protections and speed improvements that keep you safe and moving at light speed. When you are on your next adventure, Android Oreo is the superhero to have by your side (or in your pocket!).”

Some of the prime aspects Android Oreo is focusing on are speed, security, battery life, and common app controls.

Android Oreo Features:

Here are some of the features that are added by Google to improve the user experience.

  1.  Speed: Google has promised to that the Android Oreo is Two times faster than that of previous Android Nougat, which is expected to bring better user experience as speed had been always a major issue for all smartphone users.
  2. New Emoji: Android Oreo will have newly designed emoji in the latest Android version 8.0. It looks like Google has given good afford in introducing newly redesigned emoji to all the Oreo users.
  3. Picture-in-Picture: The shouted feature of Android Oreo, called picture-in-picture mode allows you to play any video in a floating window over the other active apps. This feature, however, tried implementing on the Smartphones since years by manufacturers like LG and Samsung. Now, that, all the Smartphone that bears Android 8 is going to enjoy the feature.
  4. Battery Life: The battery life has been always a big concern for all the smartphone users, and quite irritated with it. It is observed that most of the smartphone users carry USB charger along with them to charge the phone while going out of the home. The new Android 8.0 will notify the users if there are any background activities going on, it also has a special optimization which will restrict background activities saving the battery life.
  5. Copy paste: Making the task much easier to easily copy and paste anything easily, you just have to tab on the stuff you want to copy and it automatically gets saved in the central Database which can be used anytime.
  6. Security: It scans all your apps installed on your smartphone and remove the junk apps if required called as Google Play Protect.
  7. Autofill: It is always boring to fill up the same forms again and again for the basic queries like name, email, address, number, and others etc. This feature will help the users in identifying and filling up the space saving time supported by the third party app as well.
  8. App Notification: Google has introduced yet another new feature in the Orea that is the App Notification, dot will appear on the icon of the app which on tapping will expand to show the recent activities.

Certainly, we are going to taste few unique features we never familiar of in Android. While keeping it clean and more reliable, Android also seemed to be leaning towards more restrictions following Apple iOS’s footsteps. We have got a slight view of this activity in the last two Android versions (Marshmallow and Nougat) as well.

We are looking forward how users across the globe are going to respond to this approach of Google.

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