5 Cool Features of Android 7.0 Nougat You Need To Know Before Updating!
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5 Cool Features of Android 7.0 Nougat You Need To Know Before Updating!

android 7.0 nougat features

We have been seeing iOS vs. Android clash among its fans but we had to admit Android has taken to a new level in Smartphone experience. From Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to Nougat (Android 7.0) Android over-rolled market share with more than 75%. For now, Android 7.0 or Nougat is the latest version OS from Google.

And this is very obvious, the latest will have more advanced features in it. Have you ever wondered what exactly features they have included in this Android 7.0 edition? If you don't know and seeking to know the upgraded features of this new latest Android OS then let me help you in this part.

Android 7.0 features

Also, there are some interesting hidden features that you might like, if you already upgraded to Nougat in your device. Let's find and overview on Android 7 Nougat features below.

Android 7.0/Nougat Review: Features Introductory

Coming to the features details in Android 7.0 review and I will also include hidden features and inclusive feature of this Android 7th-generation. Let's have a look on the prime features and hidden features down below.

New Emojis and Languages

This latest version of Android version 7.0 now holds more emojis. The latest version Android OS comes with more 72 new emojis to be used in your conversations and texting with people. And Nougat lets you choose multiple languages, which can be quick change as per your need. The majority of two language users would definitely enjoy this feature, while it takes just a swipe to change between primary and secondary language.

Android nougat emoji feature

Multi-Window And Quick Swap Between Apps

Now, this features is by default on Android Nougat, while this feature was dominating in some mobile brands and UI. Adding this feature now you can run two apps simultaneously in your Nougat device. Not just that, Nougat also a step further switching between two apps than before. As a result, Nougat got more power over multitasking at the same time.

Android nougat multi-view

Smart Battery Management

The battery is a major concern to the Android users. The new Android 7.0 Nougat comes with enhanced battery management to counter battery flow in the background. An added battery saver or Doze helps to extend your device battery life. It can stop all unnecessary process in the background and technically saves the battery of your device. Well, as you now get this in Android 7.0, there is no need to download battery saver app from a third-party developer.

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Nourished Notification With More Added Features

With Android 7 generation you have more access to do with it. Quick Settings titles are now manageable as of your requirement. It can deliver now more smart features over notification such direct reply from notification without opening the app or conversation. So this makes faster even in your conversation with ease.

Android 7.0 nougat feature
Also Bundled notification works for viewing the notifications directly in it; by sliding down, you will be able to preview full information. As of this feature, you can check the summary of an SMS or can have full preview without going to the message app.

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Android 7.0 Nougat Security and Privacy Improvement

Google Android Nougat security feature

For system updates, you can be able to download all updates in the background without waiting to finish it. And that's all from Nougat security to bo more fare with its user.

Recently, Android 7.0 Nougat Update was rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Apart from these, there are a lot to describe about some little changes over Android Marshmallow to Nougat. The feature facts of Android 7.0 is enough with the technological need of this generation. It is faster in multitasking with better security, which makes worth upgrading. Well, more updates to come in future with more smart Operations from Android.

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