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Amla Benefits | A Glass Of Amla Juice For Curing Many Diseases

amla benefits

Indian Gooseberry also popularly known as Amla has many nutrients in just one fruit. In fact, one must know what are the main amla benefits. No matter you can point it as a powerhouse of all the nutrients. Although, it does not taste that good being bitter and sour but comes packed with vitamins. Especially, amla contains Vitamin C as well as calcium and iron. Either you eat them raw or cooked as pickles or amla juice, all the benefits will help development your body.

amla benefits

The most viral thing about amla is that it is rich in antioxidants that help to brighten your skin tone. Unarguably, no one can deny that amla is good for the skin. Apart from that, amla juice can treat asthma, cough etc. Now that you got some ideas about this powerhouse, let us take a look at the details.

Amla Benefits – Powerhouse of Nutrients:

Still confused with amla benefits??? Ok then here I have got a list of Indian Gooseberry benefits:

Amla Benefits for Skin:

Lightening skin tone is one of the amla benefits. This is because of its rich Vitamin C and antioxidants. When drinking the amla juice every day will automatically lighten your skin tone giving you a naturally glowing skin. In fact, your acne and blemishes will also run away.

Drinking or eating amla will eventually heal all your scars. As this green color fruit acts as a blood purifier, it removes all the infection and pimples from the skin. Also, you can use amla as a cleanser by smashing amla. But if you have a sensitive skin then mix with some water. Ultimately after few days, you will feel the difference.

amla benefits

The juice of amla, when applied to your face, will also reduce pigmentation. As a result, you will have a flawless glowing skin. Even your dark marks will get reduced slowly.

Dark spots and fine lines will also get reduced with the help of amla juice. Therefore, if you want a younger looking skin complexion then drink amla juice. This is because of the antioxidants and Vitamin C present in it. Therefore, to fight all the skin problems either drink amla juice or simply take some amount of amla juice on a cotton pad and just dab it on your face. Alternatively, apply Turmeric for your skin issues.

Amla Benefits for Hair:

For many hair issues, women do apply amla to their hair since many ages till today. How do they apply amla?

These are not some simple question… But very difficult one because in this century hair products never does the work. This means all the hair care products from the market are not effective.

This is the problem, especially the women face in the world.

amla benefits

So, the question arises, how to solve the issue? Well, during those hours one must know amla benefits or what can amla do to your hair.

Amla has got such vitamins and nutrients that can easily strengthen hair. So stop worrying of your severe hair fall and apply amla juice along with few drops of lemon to your scalp. This will not only strengthen your hair but will give you shine and silky hair. You can also use castor oil for hair fall.

When I was a kid, I always wonder why my mom’s hair is dark black and my friend’s mom hair is gray in color. Now that I know that amla benefits for our hair are quite amazing that treats and prevents early graying. And because of its rich Vitamin C, Gooseberry also helps to treat dandruff from your scalp.

Amla is also a does great work as a conditioner when mixed with henna. This ultimately lessens your dry and rough hair giving you a healthy volumise hair.

So these are some of the amla benefits for skin and hair. Now let us look closely at the,

Health Benefits of Amla:

  1. A daily amla drink will eventually prevent a toothache or a bad smelling breath.
  2. Amla juice is also a great reliever for menstrual cramps. So when you face a menstrual cramps or pain then consume amla juice.
  3. Because of its anti-inflammatory agents, amla juice flushes out all the toxins from your body keeping your liver stable.
  4.  If anyone of you suffering from ulcers then amla will be the one preventing you from ulcer development. It is all because of its rich vitamin C.
  5. Since it is summer time, you need your body out of the heat. During that hours drink amla juice, this will relief you from heat and harmful rays of the sun.
  6. It is also good for the diabetic patients as well as for the asthma patient.
  7. Drinking regularly will also heal or reduce cholesterol level.

amla benefits

How To Drink Amla Juice?

It is recommended that amla juice when taken in the morning, has shown positive results. Mix amla juice along with water and drink it empty stomach. You can also mix it with lemon and honey for a refreshing full of nutrients drink. You can also drink amla juice at night after food to get relief from all the junk foods. Or else you can also mix amla juice and aloe vera for good eyesight.

Here you go amla benefits is awesome for your hair, skin, and health. Hence, even if you also want to achieve such benefits then you also need to drink amla juice. Share me your success after experiencing advantages of amla by yourself. and if you like or love this post, do not forget to help your dear ones.

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