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8 Interesting Facts & Tricks About WhatsApp Worth Knowing

WhatsApp facts

WhatsApp, the most popular IM platform that cost a whopping $19 billion to Facebook when acquired brings a lot of facts that most of us unaware of. As of 2017, it’s still the most-used instant messaging service across the globe.

You might probably be using the app every single day. Although, there are some of the amazing WhatsApp facts and tricks you may ever know before.

This article will take you through some of these amazing facts every WhatsApp users must know.

Amazing WhatsApp Facts & Tricks Every WhatsApp User Must Know

To begin the tale of unknown WhatsApp facts, I would like to pin-up the WhatsApp Success Story in the first place.

1: 1 Billion Android Downloads With Only 4.25 Team Members!

The CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum shared in his Tweet in March 2015 that WhatsApp Android version has reached 1 Billion downloads with only 4 engineers and 1 guy supervising the work. Literally, that makes 5 people of ’em but they narrated it as, 4.25 people.

2: WhatsApp Co-founders Both Were Once Rejected By Twitter & Facebook?

Yes, both the co-founders of WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum were rejected in job interviews by Facebook and Twitter back in August 2009. After the rejection, they started working full-time in developing WhatsApp. Now, you may imagine how different their world would be if they got placed in the respective interviews. Another fact to be told, both Brian and Jan have been working for Yahoo!

3: In February 2014, Facebook Announced to Acquire WhatsApp

Well, many of us already knew this fact. However, I am pinning this up because, without this, the above two facts would sound incomplete. Facebook offered founders of WhatsApp a whopping $19 billion to acquire the App. That’s just a 5 years after the job rejection of Jan Koum and Brian. Ironically, Poetic Justice, isn’t it?

4: You Cab Check Exactly When Your Messages Were Opened or Seen

By this, I am not talking of Double-Ticks and Blue-Ticks. Well, we all know what does mean by double ticks and blue ticks. Double ticks show your message has been delivered and blue ticks indicate a message is seen or opened. But, it does not tell you when exactly the message is seen or opened. Good thing is, WhatsApp leaves a timeline breakdown where you may check out when exactly your messages are seen by the receiver. To check that out –

  • Tap and hot the certain message.
  • Select “Info” from the pop-up menu list.

5: A WhatsApp Smily/Emoji Can Be Changed Into Other Related Smilies

This one I found interesting enough and is certainly one of the Amazing WhatsApp Emoji Tricks you are unaware of. To break this topic down, firstly, take a look at the below screenshot.

family emoji

You can see there are various emojis sent in the list. Well, all these emojis are actually sent through a single family emoji. How to do it?

  • Select a family emoji as I did in the image below.

  • Now tap on the space available right after the emoji.

  • Now, hit Backspace and the previous emoji will turn into a new emoji as shown in the below.

  • You may continue to tap Backspace to create other single emojis out of the single family emoji.

6: WhatsApp Records in Number of Received and Sent Messages

In April 2014, WhatsApp set a record of exchanging user messages of 64 billion in just 24 hours. According to the record, users of WhatsApp received about 44 billion messages and sent over 20 billion messages. The number of received WhatsApp messages is larger than the sent ones because users seemed to be sending group messages.

7: WhatsApp Web Need Your Phone On, Why?

Another one but not least of WhatsApp facts goes with the WhatsApp Web. You might already have used WhatsApp Web version on your computer. If so, you must be aware of the fact that WhatsApp Web also needs your phone to be on and connected to the internet while on active. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because WhatsApp does not store your conversations or shared content over WhatsApp.

It just creates and a secondary Window of your WhatsApp account where you may carry out your usual WhatsApp activities. All your shared contents, status, and chats in WhatsApp are actually stored on your phone memory.

WhatsApp Web simply synchronizes all those activities from your phone in real-time. That’s how you can see whatever you do in WhatsApp Web or phone, every single activity is updated in both devices in real-time but you can’t simply use WhatsApp Web without your phone connected.

8: WhatsApp is Alergetic to Ads

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app, I don’t really have to repeat this phrase over again for it’s a well-spread fact. And, there are numerous reasons for we love WhatsApp. One of the prime reasons WhatsApp today reached to its prestigious position is it does not sell any online ad. Sometimes it goes unnoticed but we have using WhatsApp without encountering any annoying ad on it. There is an untold fact behind it.

WhatsApp without ads

The founder of WhatsApp Jan keeps a handwritten note stuck on his desk. It’s a note from company’s co-founder Brian that says, “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!”

This is the note Jan keeps as a reminder while focusing on their ultimate goal of serving a hassle-free pure IM service to the users. Fascinating right? Well, this is one of the best WhatsApp facts indeed.


To Sum Up WhatsApp Facts

WhatsApp had a rocket boost in success so it comes with many fascinating facts behind it. I have tried my best to narrate those WhatsApp facts on this sheet in the simplest way. Alongside all these facts and tricks, there are several WhatsApp features made immense effort to bring it most user-friendly.

WhatsApp users are also seemed to be much interested in other tricks such as WhatsApp DP, WhatsApp Wallpapers, WhatsApp Group Names, etc. If you are not yet a WhatsApp users, do download it right away. And keep your WhatsApp updated always for better user experience and unlock new features.

Do share your experience with WhatsApp, and let me know what do you like about WhatsApp.

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