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Amazing Food Festivals All Over The World | Experience Glorious Food

There is no doubt that everyone loves eating food. Foodies all over the world are curious to taste different food cultures of different countries. Therefore, these food festivals feature some of the best cuisines all around the world, from highly esteemed chefs and wine and beer experts.

amazing food festivals all over the world

Furthermore, even the most seasoned traveler find it hard to tick off these delicious food festivals off their bucket lists. Meanwhile, every year, hundreds of food festivals held around the world. So, come fall, people around the world will be celebrating this festival.

Amazing Food Festivals All Over The World | Experience Glorious Food:

The food festivals have also become a global movement where people are enjoying their food differently. Therefore, as we travel the world the best part of immersing into a culture is through food. Through food, you can discover one of the most rewarding experiences on your journey. Right from five-star hotel, to local favorite meal are delighted to take the journey. So, here are a few of the amazing food festivals all over the world which is worth visiting.

10.Mid-Autumn Festival, China:

amazing food festivals all over the world

This festival is also known as the Mooncake Festival in China, which is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Calendar. During this festival, all the families gather to celebrate the year’s harvest and make some offerings to the Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e. Meanwhile, Sweet yolk center is commonly eaten during the festival and while children carry lanterns to commemorate the event.

Therefore, this festival is celebrated all across Asia, including China, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan. It is worth visiting and experience the glorious food culture of China.

9.Pizzafest, Italy:

amazing food festivals all over the world

Without a doubt, everybody loves eating Pizza, right? There are so many different kinds of pizza that includes Hawaiian Cheese, chicken, vegetarian.Therefore, if you want to celebrate the greatness of Pizza, then there is only one place to go- Italy. Pizzafest is the world’s largest celebration of Pizza, which is held every year in Naples, Italy.

However, usually, this festival is held in September and is about a week long. During this festival, you can taste various kinds of Pizzas that come in different sizes and shapes. Not only that, you can also watch Pizza makers showing off their culinary skills by throwing the dough, while you enjoy listening to music.

8.Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Australia:

amazing food festivals all over the world

This festival usually, held in the month of March. It is a 10 day Melbourne Food and Wine festival, where they showcase the best food and wine. However, there are several other fun events that you can participate as well like workshops led by renowned chefs and the highlights of the festival- the Regional World’s Longest Lunch. They invite people to eat a three-course of a meal at a 530-meter table, which stretches along the beautiful coastline. Apart from that, you can also find free live entertainment, themed food crawls, wine-tasting and much more.

7.Pahiyas Festival, Philippines:

amazing food festivals all over the world

Every May, the Philippine town of Lucban as the citizens and tourists gathered to celebrate Pahiyas. Pahiyas is celebrated to give thanks to Saint Isidro de Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. Therefore, during this festival, all the people engaged themselves in a friendly competition to out-decorate their neighbors, by covering every square inch of their harvest.

Furthermore, they decorate their home with fruits and vegetables strung together into garlands, and much more.

6.Baltic Herring Festival- Helsinki, Finland:

amazing food festivals all over the world

Helsinki comes alive every year when the Baltic Herring festival is around the corner. During this festival, they attract thousands of tourists to the capital’s South harbor. Meanwhile, people come to taste as well as buy some of the best herring which is available to them. It is during those time, you will find the price is reasonable. Moving on to the opening day of the festival, which is filled with lots of fun as people take part in a two series competition. First is the pickled fish of the year and the second one is the Baltic herring surprise of the year.

5.Ottawa Poutine Fest, Canada:

amazing food festivals all over the world

Poutine has established in Canadian culture. This dish was originated in Quebec and is made from French fries topped with some gravy and cheese curds. Therefore, you can find this food in almost every fast food restaurant in Canada that sells poutine. In fact, there are different types of poutine like exotic poutines such as butter chicken, Shawarma, Lobster and much more.

Furthermore, this festival is held in the month of May. Apart from that, there is so much to do which include potato-themed games, a potato sack race and much more.

4.Ribfest Toronto, Canada:

amazing food festivals all over the world

This is my favorite food festival in Canada, Ribfest Toronto which is the best way to kick off the summer. The event is held each year during the Canada Day long weekend at Centennial Park and draws crowds of over 150,000 people. Furthermore, there a several numbers of people who comes from all across the North America in order to show off their ribs and hoping to crowned as the people’s favorite.

However, if you don’t like ribs then you have other foods like kettle corn, pulled pork and much more. Not only that, there are also live entertainment along with beer.

3. Taste of Chicago, United States:

amazing food festivals all over the world

This is the world’s largest food festival, therefore, it is obvious worth visiting the place. Taste of Chicago event draws millions of people each year, featuring a diverse lineup of restaurants, that offer burgers, noodles, gelato and much more. Furthermore, there are also pop-up restaurants, food truck, and amazing entertainment gigs that include rides and concerts.

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2.Spain Seafood Festival, Spain:

amazing food festivals all over the world

If you love seafood then this spot is the perfect place to be. The festival is held every October since 1963, which claims to have the best seafood in Europe. Therefore, during this event, it attracts thousands of visitors each year. This seafood lover paradise is held in O Grove, which is a beautiful but tiny fishing community surrounded by water.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy seafood rice dishes, clams, oysters and baked scallops in addition to bagpipe music and folk dances.

1.Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival, United States:

amazing food festivals all over the world

We couldn’t agree to that most of us like cheese, which is on the top list of yummy foods, right. Therefore, the three-day Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival is one of the best festivals to visit. In fact, not only there is a delicious cheese sample but there is almost every type of food that you can put cheese on.In addition to it, the festival has a ton of activities and excellent entertainment as well.

In the above, these are the lists of amazing food festivals all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and get out there and enjoy the glorious foods from around the world. And also get to know the best cuisines and their food culture as well.

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