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Top 5 Best Alternatives of shazam App: Best song Identifier app

Alternatives of shazam App

Get Top 5 Best Alternatives of shazam App. Shazam is a very popular music player app for a smartphone. While this is no ordinary music player app. Shazam is a music identifier app. Shazam can listen to the music and discover the exact song along with the author and album name. When you are traveling to different places and suddenly you heard a pleasing song.

But when the name or lyrics of the song is unknown to you. So here with Shazam App, you could easily get record a small portion of the song and automatically it will find out the song for you. Now you could easily listen to the song which was earlier not known to you.

Alternatives of shazam App

Well, Shazam is not the only one that can identify songs. There are also many others song identifier app for a smartphone which will let you discover song. There is some advanced technology like- Acoustic fingerprint and Audio search algorithm. But, no need for going into details for the technical functions of this app. All you should know is there is also alternatives app that works just like that of Shazam.

So, below we will give you top 5 list of best Alternatives of Shazam App that you can use if Shazam could not find out the song you are seeking.

Top 5 Best Alternatives of shazam App

If you want to capture and discover your favorite song, check on the below list which are alternatives of Shazam App. All the app works fine and worth to use it in place of Shazam. While using the apps, you can easily get all the song which you seek.

Top list for Shazam Alternatives are-

1. Sound Hound

Sound Hound is no doubt the best alternatives of Shazam. They have unique features like Hand free that will allow you to identify the song by just saying “Ok Hound! What’s the Song?”. Or you can also tap on the orange button of the app, which will give you live lyrics, song description etc. You can search or browse so many songs in the app.

Key Features

  • This app provides hands-free controls like- play, stop, shuffle, pause, replay or volume +/-.
  • To start- say “Ok Hound”
  • This app cover all the songs and artist or album to let you find the song you are searching.
  • You can also purchase the song on an iOS device, using your voice.

Download Sound Hound

You can get this App for both Android and iOS device.


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2. Track ID

Track ID is another cool song identifier app. You can search for the Song instantly if you don’t know the lyrics no need to worry. Just record the few tunes and it will discover the right song for you. This app also works on Offline, and have to best looking media player theme powered by Sony.

Key Features

  • It can identify the music playing around you.
  • Includes fast music recognition tool to find out song instantly.
  • It works on Offline, just in case you had a bad network.

Download Track ID

This app can only be download for Android device.

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3. Music ID

This is another music recognition app for capturing a few seconds tones and get the full song on your Music ID. You can see the lyrics of the song and play live lyrics. You will all song in this app, just a few lyrics or even if you make a slight humming sound can get you the right song that you are looking for.

Key Features

  • It will quickly identify your music playing around you
  • This app is easy to use.
  • Also, see the similar song you have just identified
  • View all the artist page and their full album list.

Download Music ID

You can get this app for both Android and iOS device.

4. Music Identification 

This App is also very famous for identifying and recognizing the song. You can just tap to listen to the background playing an unknown song and within few second you will get all the list if similar songs. They also use the smart tools to get you the best songs that you are seeking.

Key Feature

  • Easy to Use and Free to download
  • Once identified, the app will also give you video song of the searched song
  • This App does not content any annoying ads.
  • You can also view the artist/album review or biography.

Download Music Identification

This app is only available for the Android device.

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5. Musixmatch

This is the last in ur list and yet they have the cool features to display the exact lyrics of the song you are recently playing on your media player. This will actually not find out the song of currently playing background song, but it will detect the song and find out all the lyrics for you. In this manner, you could easily recognize the song and download it later.

Key Features

  • Best Lyrics app for smartphone
  • Free to download
  • you can lock screen and read the lyrics to prevent interruption.
  • You can fetch any lyrics of the song.

Download Musicxmatch

You can download this app for both iOS and Android device.

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So these are the top 5 list of Best Alternatives of shazam App. Shazam is no doubt the best song identifier app but you should also keep the alternatives so that you could get all the song which you are looking for. But it is sure that there are no much apps that could recognize the song as they use the advance technology like Acoustic fingerprint and sound algorithms. When both the technology meets, you can get the right song. So get the authentic apps like discuss above from which you will be satisfied with its result.

Hope you find this article useful. For more interesting facts and top alternatives for your favorite app, keep visiting us and explore better tricks.

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