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Adsense Alternatives That Pays As High As Adsense

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Hi guys, I am going to share you very refreshing information today about best Adsense Alternatives that pays higher than Adsense. I had come across many bloggers who left blogging because Adsense rejected their application. For a newbie blogger who is not having much ideas about all the opportunities in internet would definitely get depressed and end up quitting blogging.

During my early days of blogging I was not having anyone to guide me & what I knew was Google Adsense is one of the best ads network in the world. So according to me if I am not getting Google Adsense approved, I won’t be able to generate decent earnings to take it as a profession as other ads network were not dependable . If you are on similar condition or looking forward to increase  your revenue by using Adsense Alternatives, I am going to share you some of Adsense Alternatives which can give you decent earnings .

Best Adsense Alternative that Pays good:



You have surely seen many professional bloggers making out good money from blogging with Adsense or Adsense alternative. If you are not getting Google Adsense approved or you are working on other niches which doesn’t comply with Google Adsense policy you should try RevenueHits or other ads network, check RevenueHits ReviewBest 5 Ad Network You Must Use Other Than Adsense or Infolinks. You cannot depend on only one network because if that network stop working for your blog will you stay empty. If you use different network for monetizing your blog. For sure if your one network stop working, out of many networks one will be surely working. This how you can always make good commission out from different networks.

1. Affiliate:  Affiliate is the best Adsense alternative which worked for me. In-fact Affiliate is making much more than my affiliate marketing. However, does it make any sense if anyone leave blogging just because Adsense disapproved. If I would had blogged only for Adsense today I would had counted every single day waiting for clicks, CPC & traffic etc.

But I was truly inspired by Harsh owner of Shoutmeloud by his affiliate marketing concept. I started learning more about it, today I successfully made sales out of my affiliate sales.

Perfect guide to Make money from Affiliate marketing.

2. PPC ads network: You see many Adsense alternative PPC ads network, but Adsense pays high CPC. However, if you are finally not able to make out money from it. Choose other networks once you are rejected & unable to get Adsense account.

There are many PPC Ads network which accepts small sites too. If you have good traffic you have various choice in your hand with high CPC. Once you build blog successfully you will find many options popping up for you.

Increase your CPC by blocking low paying URL.

3. Direct Advertisement: Well! once you create your blog successfully you will find many advertisers. But if your blog is not worthy of respect you have nothing to expect. Once you build quality blog & once get noticed by your audience you will find list of advertisers. Who are actually willing to advertise with you, but you have to build quality blog.

How I made money blogging with my new blog?

4. Sponsored Reviews:  Sponsored reviews had become very popular way to earn big money in recent time. It is similar as Direct advertisement, where you direct get paid from the company for reviewing their product. But think for once, why would any company give your sponsored review by paying you ton. They are willing to pay high amount to high quality blogs, for reviewing their product.

This are few awesome Adsense alternative which you can applying with Adsense. This Adsense Alternative can triple your earning once done wisely.

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I am sure it will motivate you to keep blogging & grow more. I am sure you will soon achieve your success, keep blogging.

Well! if you have any better tips for Adsense alternative please suggest our readers.

If you have any doubt just ask me… I will solve your problem via comments.

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