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How AdNow Helping Publishers For Website Monetizations- Review

Today we are going to talk about one of the fastest growing Native advertising networksAdNow, which is successfully working with Webmaster and publishers since 2015. From the day of launch, AdNow Team working very hard behind improving Ad Technology and their algorithm such that they can provide high returns to Advertisers and good earning for publishers.

In very short time they got success in securing more than 190K+ registered publishers across 107 countries. Currently, they are serving 4.2 Billion impression every month which growing exponentially.

If we look around the web today, we can see many good ad networks. Gone those days when only Adsense used to be the best option for monetizing the website. Native ad networks are overtaking by providing income to the publishers due to the high number of CTR based upon the relevant ads, delivering success for both Publisher and Advertiser. The best part of native ads is that it gets clicked mostly by the user knowingly and comprehensively based on the user interest, which leads to success in both the case.

Introducing AdNow [Native Ad Network]

It seems like internet advertising evolution stuck in the same position for a while. These are bad news for most sites owners because visitors are getting more and more ads. But wasn’t that much flexible to catch visitors like before.

Now we can see some changes going on. AdNow is one of the good options in the field of Native Advertising. This content recommendation and native ads network emerge as one of the fast growing platforms that enabling lucrative doors for both advertisers and publishers.


If you are looking for monetizing your site, then AdNow would be a great help for you. As I said, It has a huge network of publishers with more than 190,000 registered websites where they are helping advertisers to explore their campaign. For native ads on your site, I can suggest you choose preferable ads network and if you are medium traffic owners or having decent traffic every then I have a good feeling for AdNow.

As per recent studies, Native Advertising will be more dominating, and according to the BI Intelligence report graph and shares will reach 74% in the United States. As per report even it said, 20- 60% of consumers engage more as compared to traditional and ordinary banner advertisement.

Why am I Suggesting AdNow?

Today if you take a minute and find some native advertising networks, you will have too many ad networks (like Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain, etc..) to add on your list. Each and every network has their policy which doesn’t fit all the sites especially when you are not receiving millions of traffic every month. So, If you are in search of flexible and high paying ad network that actually works good then you will have very less native ad networks in your list.

AdNow is just one of those flexible native ad networks which have attractive features of both advertisers and publishers features. If we talk about payout system then I can say AdNow is far ahead than any other Native ads network due to their weekly pay policy, instant approval, Low payment threshold [which is going to be helpful for small publishers], multi Payout options and much more.

The ads displayed by AdNow are 100% safe which can be used along with Google Adsense without any risk of getting Adsense ban. It can be one of the ad networks which can help you make some alternative money along with your currently used monetization methods.

Some of the strong points:

Good Payout system: AdNow is providing weekly payout with just 20$ threshold which is extremely low if compared with another ad network.

Hassle Free Set Up: As compared to other similar native ad networks, AdNow doesn’t have strict approval policies for publishers rather a quick and easy setup

Safety: The ads are strictly moderated and also it is safe to use AdNow along with Adsense.

Revenue: The Native Ads always works good, but this ad network is one of them which gives results to both advertiser and publishers. Hence, resulting in good revenue generation for both, with high CTR rate experienced by most of the publishers.

Reach: The AdNow is growing very fast covering 107+ Countries and delivering 4.2 billion impressions every month successfully. So, you are in Good platform!

Widget Based Ad Placement: It is very easy to place ad and control ads placements due to the effective widget and moderating features. You can edit the colors, text font, etc.. of Ad code according to your site design or choice.

Support: Most importantly the support system is quite good with dedicated regional account manager who is going to help while improving your revenue generation

I request you to go ahead and read more benefits of being a publisher of AdNow, Click Here

Steps to Use AdNow:

  1. Sign Up for publisher account
  2. Login to your dashboard [user-friendly].
  3. Add important details such as Name, URL of the site, Language, and your traffic stats.
  4. Go through a small verification step by placing the code on site for moderation.
  5. Once you are approved, you can start editing the widgets such as thumbnails, Size, Column, etc.. and then place the code on your best-suited place for maximizing your earning.

Important Points to Avoid with AdNow

AdNow has kept quite simple and publisher friendly system, but to keep the entire system clean they suggest publishers to avoid few things,

  1. Copyright: You should not break any Copyright Law
  2. Spam Free: No fraud click activity and spammy traffic
  3. Security: Your website should not contain any objection spammy content such as adult, spam or malware stuff etc.
  4. Bot Traffic: They suggest you to keep distance with illegal traffic or traffic generated by Bot

In case if you are confused and have queries regarding their features, benefits, terms, etc.. then they also facilitate direct support. They suggest you Join their Official Digital Forum discussion thread for instant solutions for your queries – Join the thread

Overall, As far my experiences AdNow seems a great alternative for users who got banned from Adsense but still want to secure handsome earning. Even it is much flexible with medium volume traffic owners like Bloggers who are struggling to get approved from Taboola and Outbrain. So, this Native advertising network came with quite impressive features and aimed for a significant milestone.

It works well with all type of websites in any languages, but if you have any viral site or entertainment site, then you can experience a real jump in CTR. Finally, AdNow is not only a good platform for publishers but also for advertisers with real global reach.So, You can go ahead and Sign up AdNow today and share your experiences at below comment box !!

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