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How to Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card on 4G VoLTE Devices

Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card – Let me start with the Good News, in case you have missed it. And the Good News is, on 5th September of 2016 Reliance Jio official announced that their 4G high-speed Internet service is now accessible from any kind of 4G Smartphone devices. No more limitation of Brands (Jio Lyf & Samsung) as told initially.

Regardless of the device brand, anyone who’s holding a 4G LTE/VoLTE supported Smartphone is allowed to grab the cheapest Tariff Plans of Jio as well as Jio Welcome Offer. To remind you, Reliance Jio Welcome Offer, which provides its users an unlimited 4G access, SMS, and free calls (Video/Voice) till 31st December of 2016.

Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card

If you haven’t got your hands on Reliance Jio Sim Card, well yu should hurry as the Limited Welcome Offer is about to be over in few months. If you already have got your Sim card and it’s activated successfully, well, Congratulations!

Regrettably, numerous users have bought Reliance Jio Sim Card but facing problems in activating their Sim Cards. Another Good News is, there are solutions to fix the issue.

For Activating Reliance Jio Sim Card on LTE Devices, I have already posted an efficient solution on my blog. Check that out if your 4G device is LTE supported.

Now, today’s post is all about how to Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card on 4G VoLTE supported devices. There you go.

How to Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card on VoLTE Devices?

Most of the users have been complaining that their Jio Sim Card is not activated within the expected period. Here is to inform you. Reliance Jio is currently on Trend, as expected. Millions of users already have got theirs Jio Sim Card. Of course, who would not like to give a try to the Telecom service that is providing free sim card with 3 moths unlimited 4G access?

Apart from that, if the Free Unlimited 4G offer is over, users can opt for the Cheapest Tariff Plans of the world anytime.

Now, getting back to the topic, Jio sim card activation is taking much more time to be activated than it supposed to be; because of a large number of daily processing. In most of the cases, Reliance Jio Sim Cards are not being activated due to heavy load of processing as the number of users id huge.

The issues reported regarding “Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card” is likely to be common currency and most of them are fixed with ease.

Here is the most efficient step by step method to activate Reliance Jio Sim Card on your VoLTE device.

Step 1: Check your inbox of the email you have provided during filling up form for the Jio sim. Your must be provided a receipt.

Step 2: Keep your Aadhar card, receipt, and other documents with you.


Step 3: Call Jio Toll-Free number 1977 for Tele-Verification.

Step 4: Provided all the required info for Tele-Verification.

Step 5: And, then provide the last four digits of your Aadhaar Card number.

This is all you have to do to activate Reliance Jio Sim Card.

If you are Residence of Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, you can try a faster process called e-KYC to activate Reliance Jio Sim Card. This will take only 15 minutes to be done.

And yes, once the Jio Welcome Offer is over, you may like to go for the high-speed 4G tariff plans in a lowest cost. Check out these plans here.

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