90's Classic Indian Ads That Will Blow Your Childhood Memories
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90’s Classic Doordarshan Ads That Will Blow Your Childhood Memories

classic doordarshan TV ads

No doubt childhood of the 90’s people was only with one TV channel, Doordarshan was the only channel we used to entertain ourself watching TV. And we hardly remember any TV shows and ads of that time. I have found out some of the popular and interesting TV ads of that decade, which will definitely take you back to the 90’s world.

And I’m sure you will love to share these with you friends, family, cousins that you were used to watching along. So let’s watch some the 90’s Indian TV ads in below.

90’s Classic Indian Ads That Will Blow Your Childhood Memories

Lifebouy Ad: Lifebouy hain jahan tandroosti hain wahan

The classic lifebauy ad still matches the today’s standard. If you are 90’s child and I’m sure you have seen this almost time in ads and I know you will enjoy watching this again. Watch classic Lifebouy ad in below

Bajaj Scooter DD ad: Hamara Bajaj

Hamara Bajaj is another Doordarshan ad that every 90’s people had seen. The ad is about Bajaj scooter reflecting the Indian lifestyle. The ad was popular that time, and I still remember singing with my cousins as Hamara Bajaj. Check this out if you remember this or not.

Fevikwik: The Classic Funny Indian Ad

Not matter how old this ad is but every time I see it makes me laugh. Do you remember this funny ad? The ad mostly featured in when there is any India’s cricket match. This was the one of the popular ad that time, which can crack everyone with its epic fishing style.

Liril: Priety Zinta in a classic ad

Yet another iconic ad for Liril soap, The Bollywood actress Priety Zinta featured in this ad. And no one can forget the crazy dance waterfall dance of her. Well, I know you will not forget but would like to refresh your mind with this refreshing ad. Watch this

Cadbury Dairy Milk: That Unforgettable Crazy Dance

That’s again another unforgettable dance from Cadbury Dairy Milk ad. The dance is full of joy with little craziness makes it 90’s one the most favorite TV ads. Watch this-

Dhara Vegetable Refined Oil: Jalebi ad with full of cuteness

Well, this is my really favourite and I am sure if you have seen this, it will be your favourite too. The ad story and cuteness of this boy is something to be loved. Check out this and refresh your 90’s memory with this ad.

Nirma Detergent Ad:

I bet you cannot forget Hema, Rakha, Jaya and Shushma name. Nirma ad is undoubtedly mostly broadcated TV ad, and that time we all enjoyed in this ad. Washing powder Nirma is definitely iconic line for the 90’s generation. Check this out here

Action School Shoes: Action ka school time

Action ka school time one of my choldhood favourite TV advertisement. From morning alarm to school bell is very enjoyable watching and I know most of you enjoyed in this advertisement as well.


90’s generation was a time when we used to enjoy even watching TV ads. There are lot of TV ads we loved and enjoyed. No how advanced we are now, still we love the glance of these old ads. Tell us wich one is your favourite 90’s Classic Indian TV ads  out there. Share with you friend and family to catch back yours old memories again.




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