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7 Copywriting Tactics that Can Either Break or Make Your Business

Copy Writing Strategies


Copy Writing Strategies

Are you into Copywriting Business??

Do you own a Blog or you are a Freelancer??


Then this is for you.

Today, I am going to talk about Copywriting, & If you are struggling to make a mark in this business then I will Provide you with some of Proven Tactics that will surely make you a better Copywriter.

I hope you are really into Copywriting because these Tactics are for those who are serious about this Business of Copywriting & want to make a mark for them self.


First, let us start with the Introduction.

My Name is Khasrang Jamatia, and I have been Blogging for more than 3 Years now. And personally, if you ask me it has been one of the most Amazing Journey ever.

I really feel lucky enough to have taken up Blogging.

Blogging not only gave me the opportunity to learn so many stuff but Blogging gave me the privilege to meet & know so many Amazing People.

And If you have just started & decided to try out Blogging than I would suggest you start by learning how to Write Engaging & Interesting Blog Posts.

This talent of Writing a Great Content might Come Naturally for Some People but trust me it was not for Me.

I had to work hard for it. And it was only after trying out different techniques & tactics over the Years, I have finally realized the things that Work for Copywriting.

If you ask me, there is no secret at all into this Business of Copywriting. The only thing that is stopping you from taking your Copywriting to the next level is the doing your basics right.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Now, what are those basics that you will need to do it right??

Well, that is what I will be discussing with you today. And after getting your basics right it will surely make your Content much engaging & Interesting to your Audience.

Copywriting Tactics that Worked for Me:

If you think that I have a real Secret to Tell you on “Copywriting Tactics” that will make you the Next big thing in this business within few Nights. Then, My Friend, you are Wrong !!…

Many of Great Writers in the In this Business did not just get into the Top Overnight.

Neil Patel did not become “The Neil Patel” Overnight. Even the Pro’s needed lots of hard work & dedication to get into the place of where they are.

So why are you so worried about…

Get your Working Shoes on and get started.

I will provide you some of the Tactics of Copywriting so that you will start your effort on the right Path.



This thing is no Secret but most of the Copywriters tend to do this mistake.

One of the simplest answers to Writing outstanding Content is Research, Research & Research.

If you are writing any content on any particular topic the first thing that you are supposed to do is research about the Subject on which you are writing the Content.

How much Time do you need to Spend on Research??…

Now research does not mean that you will start spending your day and night researching only on that Subject itself. But What I would suggest you is to play it Smart. As it is always better to Play Smart than Working Hard Aimlessly.

For Example: If you have a multiple Articles to Write on the Same topic then you can do it in a one go. What it means is that if you will start writing about a particular Topic or Niche then you should do all your Research before you start with your Content. It will save you both Time & Energy. You can also Make Use of the Technology to Save You Extra Hours.

But the thing is that whatever Niche you are in research of that particular subject is a must. And all those research is what will make you a great Copywriter.



Speed !! Yes, you heard it right.

Some of the Copywriters might not agree with me. But I have a very strong argument for my choice. And after hearing it even you will agree that Speed really does play a Vital role in making a Great Copywriter.

And I am sure that after hearing it even you will agree that Speed really does play a Vital role in making a Great Copywriter.

The speed of the Copywriter becomes more vital if you are a Freelancer and makes your Income Online through Writing Content Online.

Because who would want a Copywriter that takes Weeks to Complete few Paragraphs of Contents. Now I might actually be little exaggerating in calling it Weeks to complete few Paragraphs but if the deadline for Completing any Content within few Hours than it can actually get tough for those

Now I might actually be little exaggerating in calling it Weeks to complete few Paragraphs, but if the deadline for Completing any Content is within few Hours than it can actually get tough for those Copywriters.

Not only the Freelancers but if you are Blog owner yourself and you are writing the Content for Blog & it takes Weeks to Publish your few lines of Post.

Then, My Friend, this Business is not for You… Because ultimately at the end of the Day more Content will attract more Audience in terms making your Business bigger.

Now there are so many ways that you can increase the Speed of your Copywriting you can actually start by increasing your Typing Speed.

And another really deciding factor with the speed of Copywriting is the Pre-Planning that you do about the Content that you are to talk about.



The Concentration during Copywriting plays a very vital role in how your final Product will come up.

One of the major mistakes that every new Copywriter or Blogger does while creating their Content is the lack of Concentration to your Work.

I have personally seen so many Writers making really huge mistakes due to just lack of concentration.

The Lack of Concentration can affect the Quality of your Content as well as the Speed of writing your Articles.

Increasing your Concentration will not only help you with Copywriting but it will be a plus point for any other things in Life & it will surely increase your Productivity in both Personal & Professional life.

Some of the ways that I personally use to increase the Concentration during Writing Articles I would Personally like to be Alone without any distraction from any other People.

You might say that I am really introvert but trust me this thing works.



If you are Copywriter than you might already be aware of this term Readability.

But if you are not then here is what you will need to know about this & why should you care about the readability of your Articles.

After all these Years of Writing Contents for so many different Sites, I have realized that to get success in this business Writing Contents for the Search Engine is as important as Writing it for the Human Audience.

A Good, no a Great Copywriter will play it Smart and will Write for both the Search Engine & the Human Audience.

But this is where most of the new Copywriters & Bloggers makes mistake.

They tend to run behind getting a good result in SERP so much that that tend to forget about their real Audience. Because at the end of the day it is the Human for which you are preparing the Content.

Readability is the amount of ease with which the general public can read your Content.

Now if you have a long paragraph with no stoppage between your Sentence than it will really not be pleasant for your Audience to read & understand.

There are some ways using which you can increase the Readability of your Articles.

  • First, try to have your Paragraph as short as possible.
  • Second, don’t try to put too many ideas into one line.
  • Third, make proper use of Bolds, Italics & other Tags.
  • And Fourth, don’t be afraid to ditch useless Words.

A Copywriter who Writes for the Human is what going to make that person a Great Copywriter.

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Another deciding factor that will decide if you become either a Good Copywriter or a Great Copywriter is the Interest that you have over the Subject.

I personally, feel that this has to be one of the top priority while making a list of tips to increase your Copywriting Skills.

Now many people would argue that Interest might not be one of the major factors to have for a Copywriters. Because many of the Freelancer are performing really well writing on different niches which they really don’t have any personal interest.

Because the Skill of writing Articles might come eventually.

But let me tell you that Copywriters who write about the things that they are not really interested in might become Good Writers but to become a Great Writer one needs both Interest as well as Skill.

So if you want to be a Great CopyWriter I would suggest you Specialize your Copywriting Skills in the particular Niche in which you are Interest about.

Take me, for Example, I have an Interset about Blogging & SEO and I love telling other about the stuff that I have to learn about. And if you tell me to Write an Article on 5000 Words on SEO than I can spend my time & energy on it without any regards.

And trust me the Final Product will come Great.

So if you are a Copywriter and one to make a mark in this business then I would suggest you choose that topic in which you have your Personal interest. And I am sure that it is only a matter of time that you become one of the leading Copywriters in your Business.

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Putting Your Touch:

Personal Touch

Now the fun part about Copywriting & Blogging is that you can convey your Personal Thoughts & ideas.

It is this freedom that made me fall in love with Blogging.

And the biggest Mistake that most of the Newbie Copywriter does is, they tend to completely Copy other Big Guns in the Business.

And at the end of the day, they neither turn fully into that person or they are neither left with themselves.

Now getting ideas from the other Pro’s is a Good thing but there is a difference between Learning & Copying.

And I am strongly against you Copying Completely from Others. get all the stuff that you can apply in your case. Because they have been to the place where you are and they can take you there too.

Get the stuff from the Pro’s which you can apply in your Scenario. Because they have been in the place where you are now currently and they can surely take you to the place where they are now.

The most important thing about Copywriting is putting your own Touch & Voice into it. Your Style will be unique which what will make you the next big thing in this business.

So don’t forget to put your own touch into your Copywriting. And surely don’t be afraid to share your own experience with your audience.

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I hope that this Article was helpful to you. And I really do hope that these strategies for Copywriting will help you to become a better Copywriter.

If you have any Question regarding Copywriting in your Mind then Please do Share it with Us in the Comment Section below & we will try to provide the solution to those Questions.

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