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7 Best Currency Converter Android Apps Of All Time!

Currency Converter Android Apps

If you are a regular traveler or if traveling is your profession then there are many things that you need to keep in mind. Money being the most vital thing that you have to think about, as different countries have different currency rates. And to make things harder as a new travel around the world, these currency rates keeps on changing every day. So to keep a track of the changing currency rate you will need Currency Converter Android Apps that will keep you updated with any currency rate compared to your own currency.

Currency Converter Android App

So here is the list of 7 best Currency Converter Android apps that you can get right now to secure yourself with the knowledge of the different currency rates of the country you are traveling to. You can even select these currency converter apps if you are into trading as you will get regular updates on the different currency rate changes and more every single day.

7 Best Currency Converter Android Apps of all time:


Currency Travel Exchange rate

If you are regular traveler around the world, then the Travel Exchange Rate app is what you would definitely want to keep by your side. This is one of the most used currency converter android apps that shows out with 4 row of different currencies(most similar searches)altogether from one single search. This currency exchange app has a very user-friendly interface that helps you to easily convert and understand the currency exchange amounting in different regions. And not just that, this app comes packed with features with are worth mentioning.

Features of Currency- Travel Exchange Rate:

  • Choose from over 212 different exchange rate of different countries.
  • Get 2-4 different outputs of the most related currency exchange rate from a single search.
  •  Doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or Internet connection to get results of the exchange rate.
  • To get the most recent currency rate update, simply connect to the internet for new database update.
  • You can even get different custom exchange rates near you.

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currency converter android apps

If you are searching for a currency converter android app that can provide you with all the details of the current exchange rates then Exchange Rates app is for you. This is a really powerful currency converter app that can help you get all the details about current currency rate affairs and much more. Loaded with features, the Exchange Rates app can really help you carve out all the details with its amazing features like:

Features of Exchange Rates App:

  • Choose a Live Widget that can help you to add in any currency you want to convert to the right from the Home screen.
  • You can get the full offline mode to exchange currencies on the go even with an internet connection.
  • The converted results can be adjusted for the currency you need.
  • You will be able to get all the details about the latest currency rate through charts and newsletters.

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Currecny Converter apps

The Unit Convert app is a smart compact tool that helps you to convert not just currencies but also other major length units, speeds units, weight units, Volume Units etc. This is a total converter that includes all the little things that you might want to convert while you are traveling around the world. Unit Converter also comes with different features like:

Features of Unit Converter:

  • Converting between different types of resources rates.
  •  Includes different converter like:
  1. Basic conversion for volume, weight, mass etc.
  2. Living exchange rates for temperature, shoe size, and many other everyday basic things.
  3. Science exchange rates for density, velocity, power, torque and many other scientific conversion rates.
  4. Miscellaneous exchange rates include radiation, timezone, blood sugar and even cooking temperature rates etc.

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Currency Converter

If you want a currency exchange app that will offer with all the details of currency exchange rates then Xe Currency Pro is what you need. This is a single app in this list of Currency Converter Android apps which is not for free as they offer few of the neatest features that you can get on a currency converter app. Few do the features are like:

Features of Xe Currency Pro:

  1. It offers you with live changes in the currency rate depending on the country you are searching for.
  2. You can store the updates for offline use.
  3. Choose from over 20 different curries to convert and exchange from.
  4. with an active internet connection, you will receive updates on the changing currency rate every minute.

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Currency Converter - Exchange

This is yet another Currency Converter Android App that you can use for you daily life basis. And if you are a traveler, then this a must app for your as it allows to convert upto 150 different currencies. choose to convert any currency that you want like Dollar to Euro, Euro to Dollar, Rupees to Euro or Euro to Rupees and many other exchange rates to choose from.

Features of Currency Converter- Exchange:

  • You can set your location to automatic and you will be offered with different exchange rates depending on your location.
  • Get all the currency conversion with the symbolic representation.
  • With a user-friendly UI, you can use this app easily whenever you want.
  • you can either use this app in offline mode or connect to the internet and store the currency updates for offline use.

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Forex Excahnge for Currency conversion

When it comes to money, who can help you better than Forex. And if you want one of the most used currency converter android apps then Forex Currency Rates is the one you need. This app comes loaded with features and all the major currencies comparison that you can think about. Unlike all the other apps mentioned above, this app has some of the best & most features that you can get from a currency converter app.

Features of Forex Currency Rates:

  • Get over 140+ different currency rates to choose from.
  • You can even get updates on priced metals Gold, Silver, Platinum and more.
  • Get all the details in full-screen mode for in-depth understanding.
  • Simple User interface for better user experience.
  • Add certain currencies to the list for updates information.
  • Best for traders and travelers.
  • Currency search and inverse search at the same time.
  • Get updates on currency pair details on a Monthly or weekly basis.
  • Many other exciting features to enjoy.

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Travel Currency Calculator

As the name implies, the Travel Calculator is one of best currency converter android apps of all time. This is a power packed currency converter that you should definitely carry if you are into traveling or trading. You can choose to convert currencies in real time with the latest currency rate update and even lock certain currencies to offer you with an update in case the rates goes up or down. This is a really flexible currency more covert app for daily use that comes with features like:

Features of Travel Calculator:

  •  Custom currency setting for updates in cases of changes in currency rates.
  • Customize the currency rate manually for further assistance.
  • Get currency update even in offline mode.
  • Change between you own country currency rate and the foreign rate with just a swipe of a finger.

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 So, these were the list of the 7 best Currency Exchange Android Apps that you can get for yourself to keep track of the changing currency rates. All these are great for daily life use as a trader and a traveler as well. Hope these apps will prove you with every single detail about the current currency exchange rate helping you to enjoy a worry less traveling journey.

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