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5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

WWE officially ended the Attitude Era back in 2012 at Wrestlemania 28, but many superstars of that era have been in WWE for a long while. However, as we all know every good thing must come to an end.

There are many superstars in WWE who are running out of time, and we will probably see them bid goodbye by 2018. So, here were are going to give a look at the 5 WWE superstars who are most probably going to retire by 2018.

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

# Mark Henry

Mark Henry has been in WWE for more than two decades, the world strongest man has held the World Championship belt and has worked with several legendary superstars.

His last major feud was with Big Show and then John Cena. Most of you may not see the world strongest man quite often on RAW and that is because of the fact that Mark Henry is mostly doing promotional work for the company now.

Mark Henry is now 48 and will soon be turning 49. In recent years, WWE has mostly used Henry to push other guys like Brock Lesnar, Rusev, Strowman, and others.

2018 may be the year when the world strongest man finally announces his retirement from the company.

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

# Sheamus

There aren’t many who could say that they have won the major championship in WWE within the first year of debut, but Sheamus one of the few superstars who has been able to do so.

In his first year of debut, Sheamus won the WWE championship by beating John Cena. Sheamus also won the World Heavyweight championship at the grandest stage of them all.

Currently, Sheamus is paired up with Ceasaro and they are the current RAW tag team championships. Back in December, Sheamus revealed that he has been suffering from a severe neck injury, and this could be a serious concussion which could also put an end to his career.

So if the Celtic plans to hang up his boot in 2018, then it would not be a big surprise.

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

# Big Show

The giant of the Attitude Era has entertained us for the last 3 decades whether by playing as a heel or a babyface, Big Show is one of the most dominant superstars ever to step foot in WWE.

Big Show has won the world championship on multiple occasions, he has also been part of some of the dominant tag team.

Back in 2015, during an interview, Big Show revealed that he has few years left in his tank, and like every other superstar in this ring, Big Show may also retire this year. Overall, this year, we will see multiple giants retire.

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

# Kane

As mentioned above, this year we will multiple giant superstars retiring, in that list the name of the Big Red Monster is also included.

Currently, WWE is giving Kane a major push. So,  all those of you who might be wondering why Kane is getting in the championship matches is because of the fact that the big red machine may also retire this year.

Therefore, before he retires, WWE wants to give one last major run in the company. Another reason, why Kane is confirmed to retire is the fact that Kane aka Glenn Jacobs is also running for the Mayor election, hence if he wins the election then for sure, he will be bidding goodbye to his wrestling career.

5 WWE superstars who are going to retire in 2018

# The Undertaker

This is kind of sad but that’s the reality, the Deadman has been one of the major reasons for the huge success of the company for the last 3 decades.

However, in real life, the immortal Undertaker is mortal and his body isn’t a good shape like the way it used to be.

Last year, the Deadman lost to Roman Reigns, and then after losing it, the Undertaker did the gesture that he is finally retiring. However, there was not a single official statement made by the company that the Undertaker has officially retired.

Anyways, the suspense may not last for too long as this year, the Deadman may officially declare that he is retiring.

There are current plans that we will see the legendary Undertaker in one more last match at this year’s Wrestlemania 34.

If WWE plans to give the Deadman a proper send-off then that will not only be great but also very emotional for everyone.


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