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5 Google Hangout Alternatives for Windows

Google Hangout Alternatives

Google Hangout is a communication platform which is developed by Google, through this application you can do video chats, instant messaging, and SMS. Through this messaging app, you can keep in touch with your friends and family, by starting free video calls and hop on a conversation with one person to another.

This application is very useful and has coordinated with Google+ and Gmail. Since it provides all the methods of communications with your Google contacts and others like phone calls, text messages and much more but it will only cost you when you use it to call standard phones outside the United States and Canada.

Google Hangout Alternatives

There are lots of feature of Google Hangouts which we will discuss here down below.

Feature of Google Hangout

There is lots of feature of Google Hangout where I have mentioned here down below. Let us check them out:

  • Through this application, you can include all your friends on group chats up to 150 people.
  • It provides the facility to apply more emojis, photos, videos, maps, stickers and animated GIFs. Through this, you can turn up any conversation into group chats up to 10 people.
  • You can keep in touch with your friends and family through your Android device, iOs device and Webby syncing across your entire device.
  • You can message your friends even if they are offline with the help of this application.
  • You can also snooze your notifications in order to respond it later when you are free.
  • You can see all your history what you have chatted with your friends in the past, including all the shared photos and video call.
  • Through this application, you can keep a record of your conversation for a short period of time by turning off your history button.
  • It allows you to connect your Google account in order to make calls, chats and get access to your voicemails.

All these are the features of Google Hangout. Now let us check out its five alternatives for Windows.

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5 Google Hangout Alternatives for Windows

Are you looking for similar application just like Google Hangout which is user-friendly? So, don’t worry about it; here we have some lists of the best alternatives of Google Hangouts for Windows which you can use it. Let us get to know about them in details here in this article:

1: Skype

Skype is an alternative of Google Hangout which is currently run by Google rival Microsoft. With the help of this application, you can make video calls, and audio calls and much more. The features and UI all together make it simple to share your experience with the people that matter the most to you wherever they are.

Skype Google Hangout alternative

Through this application, you can share your story, or celebrate your birthday or you can learn any language, hold a meeting and much more. You can use Skype either on your Android, iOs or Computer for free.

So what are you waiting for start using Skype to speak, see, or you can instantly message other people through the Skype. All you need to do is have a good internet or Wi-Fi connection.

2: Appear. In

Appear. In is one of the easiest alternatives of Google Hangout. In this application, you don’t need to sign up for an account, and you don’t have to download or install any program on your device. All you need to do is go to their website and select a name for your Chatroom.


So, once you have entered to their website you just need to do is just copy the web address and send it to 8 people whom you want to talk with.

Once they have entered the address, they will join you instantly where you can exchange your video call, text messages and can also lock the chat room if you don’t want anyone to enter.

3: WeChat

This app is also similar with Google Hangout; through WeChat you can exchange your text messages, videos, and pictures by finding out from your contacts. With the help of this app, you can also talk to each other over a phone or chat through video chat.


You can also send money through this application to your friends. It is a very useful application where you can get to know more people across the country.

4: Line

The line is also another alternative for Google Hangouts which includes lots of stuff other than basic messaging service like adding contacts and you can add teleconference. It also includes customizing games and much more. You can do free voice calls; video calls to your friends and family internationally, and it is available on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Window Phone and pc.

line for windows

5: Viber

Viber is an instant messaging app where you can instantly start text messaging, video calls, along with best quality voice calls. You can share photos, text, and emojis and you can transfer all your ongoing calls between your devices and start connecting with your friends and family all you have to do is enter your phone number and start using this application on your Windows for free.

viber for windows


Well, all these are the list of few alternatives of Google hangout for Windows. You don’t have to rely on a single platform aways. Though, I won’t say that Google Hangout is not efficient. But, whenever you feel the need of an alternative to the Google Hangout, these are the best you can trust.

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