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24 New Features of Android P | Everything You Need To Know!

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Finally, that time of the year has come when Google has launched a developer preview of its next version of Smartphone OS known as Android. The upcoming version is called Android 9.0 or Android P as Google has not announced the official name. On March 7th, Google has released the developer preview, thanks to which we finally have some idea what to expect from the new and updated Android platform. In this article, we are going to learn 24 new features of Android P that will be different from the previous version.New features of Android P featured image

All the features that will be discussed here are not yet absolute as this is just a preview and the main release is expected in August 2018. By the time of release, many changes might take place and any many features might get altered which is obvious. Many new features are yet to be revealed in the final version but for the time being, let us know the new 24 unveiled features of the new android P OS.

New Features Of Android P:

The new features of Andoird P have been provided below. Check them out.

1) Improvements to AI & Neural Networking API

Google introduced neural network API for developers with its 8.1 version. With Android P, 9 new operations are now getting API support including Mean, Div,  SpaceToBatchND, Transpose, Strided Slice, Pad, BatchToSpaceND, Squeeze, and Sub. Neural network API provides hardware-backed tools for machine learning which is a very helpful feature for all the developers.

2) Performance Boost for Kotlin Based Apps

Last year Google extended the support for Kotlin programming language and this year Kotlin based apps are getting a performance boost in Android P which means these apps will now run faster.

New features of Android P performance

3) WiFi Enhancements

Now Android users will be able to mark WiFi connection as “Metered” very easily, which means the new Android P will treat WiFi connection as a mobile connection which will prevent background downloads and app updates. So if you don’t need to worry about your WiFi data getting consumed more than you want. Also, the OS will now attach different MAC addresses to different connection avoiding any cross-network tracking. IEEE 802.11mc support is also there which will allows apps to measure the distance of the device from the nearby WiFi access point.

4)  Bluetooth connection up to 5 devices

Until now Android users were able to connect up to maximum two Bluetooth devices but no more; with Android P people will be able to connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices at a time. You will also have the ability to change audio channel mode, audio rate sample, and much more.

5) Volume menu accessed by volume keys

Just like power menu, there will be a volume menu which will be accessible by hitting the volume rockers. It will give you access to easy shortcuts such as media control and the ability to mute the phone and going to be a unique new feature of Android P.

6) Lock Screen & On Display improvement

In the new OS, the pattern lock on the lock screen fades as a user traces it. The ‘Always On Screen’ gets a new update which will show battery status at the bottom of the device which not only gives a more attractive look but from now on you will not need to break the sleep of your mobile to see the time.

New features of Android P lock screen

7) Support for Notches

2018 is going to be a year of notches, so Google has added a new feature which allows developers to emulate notch on any Android device. This will be a big help to Android developers to adapt to the notch trend.

8) Quick Settings Menu is redesigned

The redesign of the quick setting menu is one of the biggest cosmetic changes of Android P. The new design is receiving a fresh coat of paint with an emphasis on rounded icons with white background. There are changes in the toggle setting. Like the previous version of androids, you won’t be able to expand the toggles. In the power saving mode, the bars will no longer turn to orange color, the adaptive brightness will cause the quick settings slider to animate.

9) Restriction to Smartphone’s sensors access

This new feature will disallow idle apps to use the sensors on the device including camera and microphone. This option will finally put an end to the conspiracy theory that Facebook listens to people’s talk to provide better-suited ads as per the device owner’s interest. So now even if the Facebook app tries to access the microphone, it will receive blank audio and sensors will stop working.

10) Multi-Camera API

With the new and improved API, developers will be able to access data from all the cameras present on a smartphone. Which means developers will be able to use all the cameras on the mobile simultaneously to get multiple frames of reference with the New features of Android P.

New features of Android P camera

11) Inline Images and Smart Replies in Notification

Now Android users will be able to see past few messages in the notification which will allow users to get a context of the conversation. The new OS also supports inline images and stickers inside a notification and brings the smart reply feature natively to Android.

12) Native Screenshot Editing Tool

This new tool is called Markup, it allows Android users to edit screenshots using various markup tools including free-hand writing, paint, text and more. Though OEMs like Samsung have been providing this feature for years; now every Android will have this with the New features of Android P.

New features of Android P donwload

13) More Functionalities In Power Menu

In android P the new Power Menu is nifty and slide-out which is triggered by long pressing the power button. Two more toggles are there in the Power Menu; the first one is a Screenshot toggle, the other new addition is the Enter Lock Down toggle which allows disabling biometric authentication. Which means the user requires entering PIN or password to unlock the device.

14) Redesigned Settings Page

The main Settings page received a major update, it gets a rounded search bar at the top, more organized interface, adds colors for different settings menu to make them more easily identifiable.

New features of Android P menu

15) Changes to Battery Saver Mode

In the new battery saver mode, the color will not turn to Orange when you turn battery saver mode on. Apart from that, you can schedule the battery saver mode to turn on from anywhere between 5% and 70% battery which was between 5% and 15% previously. The per-app breakdown of battery usage data is removed in Android P.

New features of Android P battery

16) Improved Text Selection

After you select a text the pop-up menu that prompt is no more capitalized. When you change the selected text, it will show another pop-up window showing the highlighted text in a zoomed window. The intention is to help you find the selected text.

17) Easy Landscape and Portrait Orientation switch

Without turning on autorotation, users will also be able to switch easily between portrait and landscape orientation. A little toggle comes up when you change the phone’s orientation allowing users to switch between the landscape and portrait orientation. This might become the most popular of the new features of Android P.

18) Trouble-free Switch Between Different Time Zones

Android P allows a trouble-free switch from one-time zone to another. Now you can first select the country, then the city which was not possible before. You had to choose from the list of different cities.

New features of Android P time

19) Changes to Application Information

The force button option has been removed to the 3-dot menu that can be found at the top right corner of the page. Data usage, battery usage etc option has been moved into the new Advanced menu.

20) Changes to DND mode

The DND or as known as Do Not Disturb mode is simplified. Google removed Priority only, Alarms only, and Total Silence mode. Now if you activate DND, the mode will activate the total silence. If you want to just mute call you can do it by going to the Volume Menu.

21) Android P Ester Eggs

The symbol of new Android version is P, surrounded by colorful concentric circles. It can be accessed by tapping multiple times on the Android Version. Concentric circles’ color changes every time you open the Easter egg after closing it.

New features of Android P easter eggs

22) New Autofill APIs

The New features of Android P has a number of new APIs to Autofill framework which will result in better and faster auto fill in apps. Which means you don’t have to go back and forth between password manager app and the app that you want to log into.

23) HEIF and HDR VP9 Format Support

New Android P is going to support HEIF also know as High-Efficiency Image File Format. In almost the same file size, it can hold twice the data of JPEG files. Google is adding support for HDR VP9 format, it will allow the developers to build apps with ease which can play HDR Video content.

24) Android Run Time Improvements

ART or Android Run Time is also getting improvements. It will result in decreased app start-up time, boost app performance and reduce DEX memory usage.


So these are the 24 new features of Android P that are present in the preview developer version. Android 9.0 is expected to be launched in August 2018. Though for rest of the Android devices the update will be available a little late as it will first be available to Google Pixel devices. Android P developer preview is really at the early stage of development so except these features many features are expected to be added before August and as days go by, we hope many new exciting features will come out and hopefully, also the official name of the new Android platform that starts with P.

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