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2 Easy Ways to Fix err_connection_reset Chrome Error

An err_connection_reset error from your Chrome browser can be annoying. There can be quite a few reason like tweaking, installation error update, bugs or missing files, which can lead to this chrome error. But there are very few solutions to overcome this error. Closing the browser when you face this error for the first time can make you think you have overcome this problem, but it doesn’t stop there. The err_connection_reset error has been reported to pop right back within a few minutes later again and again.

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Trying to look up for a solution to this error can be easy, as I have already provided it right below. But if you don’t know the origin of the error, it would be meaningless to try to solve it on your own. So, before going straight to the solution, let me start off by getting to the root of the err_connection_reset error.

Why would You Face an err_connection_reset Chrome Error?

As I have already mentioned earlier, there are a handful of reasons why you would face this err_connection_reset commonly known as the err connection reset error. So let us look into the most common causes of this error.


Tweaking With The Browser:

Tweaking with your browsers can be helpful. For proving a better visualization with Firebug tweaks, (especially for BSNL connection users) to increase internet speed or any other reasons. Through this tweaking with developers option or coding can be helpful, but only if you know what you are doing. So any wrong tweaks or coding error can lead to many problems, which includes the err connection reset error in most cases.

Update/Installation Error:

This error has been reported to be very less, but in cases of an update failure, it can lead to an err_connection_reset error. This can happen while you are updating or installation process error which can even lead to a fatal error.

Due to Bugs or Missing file:

Both the bugs and missing file can occur anytime. A bug in your Chrome browser can happen while you had a successful update but the update containing a bug. Missing data can be due to update failure or tweaking error.

3rd Party Applications/Software:

The err connection reset isn’t an error just for PC/Laptop user; this can happen for android or windows or iOS users too. This error is prominent if you have unauthorized 3rd party apps/software installed, which can access the Chrome browser especially antivirus which sometimes changes the TCP-IP Registry.

There you have it; these are the most common causes of err connection reset error. The best thing about knowing these causes is that you can now even avoid facing the err_connection_reset by only not trying to operate these causes.

But if you have done so or even if you are facing the err_connection_reset error even without trying these tweaks, then here are the simplest ways to solve the error.

2 Simple err_connection_reset Fixes:

These two simple ways will surely help you get rid of the err_connection_reset error. So let us look at them:

A) Remove the AntiVirus:

The first and the most obvious way would be to remove the AntiVirus, as many time the anti-virus is the primary cause of the err connection reset problem. Now to do that all you have to do is find the currently running antivirus. You will be able to find it in the small taskbar in the Right-hand corner on your desktop (refer to the image below for a precise information).

Now you will be bale to see the currently running anti-virus on your system, right click on the Antivirus and click on “EXIT.” Now you can head to the Control Panel and uninstall the Antivirus.


If you are facing problem uninstalling the antivirus even after deactivation, simply download an Anti-Virus Remover 2.35 to help you out. This software can help you to uninstall any antivirus on your system easily.

err connection reset

For mobile and tablet user,  go to applications, find the antivirus and then click on uninstall.

After doing so, restart your system and fire up the Chrome browser and start browsing as usual. You should notice that you are no longer facing the err connection reset problem any longer. But if the error persists any longer, then you will need to go for a much-advanced solution. The following solution

The following solution will help you get rid of the err_connection_reset error if removing the antivirus doesn’t work with your system.

“NOTE: For mobile devices, the failure will surely seize to launch again after you have uninstalled any 3rd party antivirus installed on your device.”

B) Setting Up the Maximum Transmission Unit MTU:

You can follow up with this solution directly without uninstalling your antivirus too. But I recommend you to try uninstalling the AntiVirus first to avoid any further error. And also for the fact that, this process can be a little tricky for new users. So let me guide you through the process and tell you how you can easily get rid of the err_connection_reset error.

  1. First, you will need to launch the “RUN” window. To do so, click and hold the Windows key on your laptop/Desktop and tap on R.
  2. Type in “ncpa.cpl ignoring the quotes and then press Enter.err connection reset chrome error
  3. This will take some time and then it will popup a new Window, which will show the active and inactive adapter connection to your device (see the image below).
  4. Now note the Adapter names and gain click on Windows key and tap R to launch the “RUN” window.err_connection_reset
  5. Type in CMD and start the Command Prompt.
  6. After the Command  Prompt is launched, type in the command code given below to force enable Maximum Transmission Unit.err_connection_reset
  7. After entering the code as reference to the Network adapter, click on enter.

And there you have it; these were the 2 best solutions for Chrome’s err_connection_reset error.

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