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160by2 Download Free SMS service for both Android and PC

160by2 is one of the Free SMS providers online. When there was no internet, we all do is use the SMS to send any kind of text messages. While the text message in phone use to be very expensive consuming Rs.1 per SMS, so what if you have to send more than one for example- 100 SMS; ultimately you will be spending Rs.100 at once. This issue is quite not clever to do, then as the internet have come and made use by all; now we send a text message using messaging apps.


But here there is another problem with all this messaging app, i.e. you can only send them a text message if you have an account on the specific apps. So if the recipient doesn’t have an account again you are to send them a text message via SMS, spending Rs.1 per SMS. 160by2 is a universal SMS service which the recipient do not need to create an account on 160by2 to send or receive the SMS.

In this article, we are going to discuss the free messaging service- 160by2 that will give free and unlimited SMS service which you can use for both PC as well as Android phones. Both the process is quite different for PC and Android phone keep reading to know more about below.

How to download 160by2 for Android device

You can download this free SMS service- 160by2 app in your android phone. They are freely available in Google play store. To download this app, please follow the below-shown steps-


  • Click on the Button below
  • Now select the Free SMS by 160by2 app and click install
  • It will take a moment to automatically download and install the app
  • Finally, open the app and enjoy the free SMS app


How to send SMS using 160by2 android apps

Sending SMS using 160by2 is also very easy. simply get the app on your phone and get started. The process to send SMS are shown below-

  • After you have successfully downloaded the app, now open the app.
  • Next, you have to sign up or log in to the 160by2 app.
  • Now you can type the number whom you want to send the SMS, and type message
  • Finally, click on Send Now button to send the message. And by 1-2 seconds, the message will be delivered to the number you sent.

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Features includes in 160by2 Android apps

The 160by2 app will not only come with the free SMS service but also they include short video and viral news. There is lots more feature included in it, which is helpful too. You can spend time using the 160by2 app and check on the latest news and videos. And other features are like-

  • Unlimited Free SMS, Viral news, viral photos, and Videos.
  • Send high-speed SMS which will deliver it in few seconds
  • SMS collection- there are whole lots of SMS idea collection which you can send it on special occasions like Birthday, New years, Valentine day and much more
  • Huge funny and inspiring photo gallery.

How to Use 160by2 via PC

Besides using Android Phone, you can also use 160by2 in your PC. And if you want to send a bulk SMS, you should try the PC version for easy to handle. If you are using Laptop or PC, you can send and use 160by2 site to send unlimited free Message.  So to send the message let us discuss the full complete steps.


The steps are as shown below-

  • Go to the official website of  160by2 site: 160by2.com
  • Now sign up with your full name and valid phone number.


  • An SMS will be delivered in your entered number for confirmation and give you Username and password.
  • Now you are all set to send free SMS, Click on the Free SMS button.
  • Next, enter the number you want to send the SMS and type message.


  • Finally, click on Send Now button. The message will be sent within 2 seconds to the recipients.
  • Voila! your Work is done, now enjoy free SMS service.

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Features Includes in 160by2 for PC

Beside Android app, the PC version- 160by2 is also very useful when you are using laptop or PC. When you log into the 160by2.com you will get Dashboard, Free SMS, Extension, Recharge Box, Invite friends & earn. All this works in a different function.

  • The dashboard is the main homepage of 160by2 from which you will manage and handle the service.
  • Free SMS is the SMS section by which you can send free & unlimited SMS to any number. You can either send single, or group SMS, you can also sync with your contact list and send SMS.
  • Check on the SMS collection for different occasion like- Birthday, Valentine day and much more.
  • The extension will allow adding either Google Extension or Mozilla extension for better usage.
  • Recharge Box will allow you to earn – you can sign up & earn, fill & earn and also download & earn.
  • Invite Friend & Earn, which you will get many share code that will help you in social media like- WhatsApp, Google + etc.
  • And finally Rewards- Here you will get Rs.10 talk time to 100 MB data, just keep sharing and earn it.

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  • Send Free unlimited SMS to any phone number at any location
  • Read funny viral news and check in photos or videos from gallery
  • Get tons of SMS ideas from the SMS collections
  • One click share button for any news to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.


  • Need internet connection.
  • Too much time consuming using Laptop or PC spends much time to send a single word Message.

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So these are the complete details for sending free SMS using your PC or android phones. If you are still sending SMS using your phone talk time balance then you must switch to 160by2 which will give you free SMS service. All you need is the internet connection, you don’t need high-speed net even with 2G net connect you can send the SMS. Hope you have download it now, and keep visiting our site for more interesting facts and useful apps for both Android and PC.

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