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12yr’s Old Boy Becomes Father- Police yet to Confirm who is Responsible!

12 years old boy became father

Turning into a hot topic for most internet user and also in the news media, it is confirmed that a 12 years old boy has become a father. As shocking as it may seem, a 12 years old got into a relationship with his 17-years old cousin. Now the boy is dubbed as the youngest father in India.

This topic was questionable initially but a DNA report confirmed he is the father indeed. This boy is an eight standard’s student and the girl is from Kochi that is 200KM away from boy’s present location Thiruvananthapuram. The boy was in a local school in Kochi and then after he moved to Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram). 12 years old father

It was 4 month before when the young girl delivered a baby in a hospital in Ernakulam. The incident come to the light by Child Welfare Committee and thereafter informed the police.

Initially, a case was filed for the boy when the young girl reported the police that had been raped by him. While the family says they were unaware of her pregnancy; because of stomach pain, she had been taken to the hospital and later came to know about it.

Reportedly, the boy also filed a complaint against the girl and the police have taken a case under section 7  and 8. And a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act was a field from both statements. The police added that they were living in the same house with the young girl and his mother. Statement prepared for both side and registered cases in a further report from Kalamessary Circle Inspector, S Jayakrishnan; he is now the investigating officer of this case.

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Dr. P.K Jabbar Said that at this age might be because of “precocious of puberty.” This is normal when a child attains puberty at an early age but this incident is first that he noticed in his life”, he added.

For now, the boy is on bail but being a father at this age, he has shook Indian News and social media. Isn’t he too early to be a father, or should he claim his responsibilities as a father? Share your views on this incident and whom do you blame for this?

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