12 Smart Life Hacks: Ways to Make your Everyday Lives Simpler
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12 Smart Life Hacks: Check out How to Make Your Life Simpler

Want to make your Life Easier & happier? You wished to keep your house tidy and organised it and yet have no idea how to do it. Today, I will share with you, my 12 Smart Life Hacks that can make your everyday life simpler.

Here, I will share with you all 12 Smart Life Hack which will help you get done with your daily problems easily. With the help of these hacks, you can easily find all the things you need quickly. In fact, these ideas are very simple but yet very affordable and effective in your daily lives.

12 Smart Life Hacks: Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

So, if you want the ideas which are very simple and not expensive then these 12 Smart Life Hacks will help you. Not only, it will keep your house organised but also you can find all your stuff easily whenever you are in a rush early in the morning.

Let us check it out these 12 Smart Life Hacks which I will mention here down below:

#12.Fasten Fibre To Your Remote:

12 smart life hacks

Tired of losing your remote?Probably, you are a person who keeps the remote everywhere like on the couch or on the floor.  All you need to do is fasten fibre to your remote and attach it to your table. This way you can easily find your remotes and you don’t need to search for it everywhere with the help of this life hack.

#11.Clean Your Car Headlight:

12 smart life hacks

Sometimes what happens is that, while driving your car the headlights get dirty & oily due to weather and dirt (yes I have been there too). So, if you find it difficult to see while driving and want to make your car headlights brighter then all you need to do is grab is toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste!! take some of it and spread thoroughly on your car head lights. This way it will take away all the oxidation and finally, you can get back your head light crystal clear.

#10.Tonic Water:

Suppose, you wished to have a party at your house but yet want to make sure that your party looks cooler than any other normal party. But don’t have any idea how to do it, then all you need to do is add the tonic water. Yes, you have heard it right!! Tonic water, add it to your party drinks or even in a glass. Now, turn on your dim lights and black lights as well. After that, you will find that your drinks are glowing which looks cooler compared to normal drinks.

#9.Furnish your Wooden Furniture:

12 smart life hacks

Now, furnish your wooden furniture easily with the help of these Smart Life Hacks. Suppose, your furniture becomes old or it is damaged either because of your carelessness or pets. Then all you need to do is grab some walnuts, yes, walnuts!! rub it directly on the scratches of your wooden furniture. Hence, you will get old but new furnish wooden furniture back again.

#8. Dental Floss:

12 smart life hacks

Suppose, you want to cut a cake, cheese or anything else clean and nice but have no idea how to do it. Then all you need to do is grab some dental floss which has no scent, now, use the dental floss and cut down the cakes or you can just enclose it around the cake and just pull.This seems to be a little bit odd but it really works and makes your life simpler.

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#7.Paper Towel:

12 smart life hacks

Probably, you are having a party at your house and unknowingly you bought warm beer or you forgot to keep it inside the freezer. This smart life hack will help you get chilled bear within few minutes. All you need to do is grab a paper towel and wet the paper towel. After that, cover it around the beer bottle. Now, put the beer bottle in the freezer for just like two minutes and then serve it chill to your guest.

#6. Use Solo Drinking Cup:

You wished to listen to music on your phone but don’t have any external speaker with you. Then all you need to do is grab a Solo drinking cup and put your phone in it. This way you can play your music loud and let everyone to hear your music on your phone easily. However, you must make sure that you should not mix up your speaker cup along with your drinking cup.

#5.Eat Marshmallows:

12 smart life hacks

If you are suffering from a really bad sore throat and yet tried all kinds of medicines to get it cure. However, it doesn’t get cure yet wishing to get well then all you need to do is simple eat Marshmallows. Yes, that’s right, Marshmallows is very good for your Sore throat, you can try it. This way you can cure your sore throat and it is not expensive.

#4. Blow Dryer:

12 smart life hacks

The next idea that this life hack will help you out is blow dryer. Suppose, you bought brand new shoes but it is a little bit tight and cannot fit in comfortably. Then all you need to do is put a thick pair of socks into your brand new shoes. Now, you might feel that it is tight but wait for it. After that, use your hair dryer and directly point it towards all the surface that are tight for some minutes and repeat it until your shoes get comfortable to wear it.

#3. DustPan:

12 smart life hacks

You need to fill water into a container from your sink but it does not fit in. Then all you need is a clean dustpan which will help you out to fill in water easily into the container which doesn’t fit in the sink. This way simple life hacks will help you out easily and make your life easier.

#2.Paper Clips:

12 smart life hacks

Are you tired of seeing tangled cables everywhere but don’t know how to organise them? Then these simple life hack will help you out.  All you need to do is grab some paper clips and attach your cables to it, this way you can keep all your cables in an organised way.

#1.Nail Polish:

12 smart life hacks

If you are having trouble in identifying different keys then these simple life hack will help you out. All you need to do is use your nail polish and paint them to your different keys. This way you can easily identify your different keys quickly.

These are the 12 smart life hacks that will help you out in your everyday lives and make your life simpler. So, don’t just read it start trying out these 12 simple life hacks mentioned in the above and make your life easier.

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