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Top 5 Best 10 Inch Tablets in India 2017 – Updated List

best 10 inch tablets in india

This is the era of Smartphone and Tabs. For now, if your priority goes to Tablets over the Smartphone, you must be looking for the right thing to consider. In the today’s Tablet market, we have a handful options to choose from. We assumed you have the style to choose something big in size yet carriable. If this is the case, the number of best 10 inch Tablets in India we are about to list down will make your day.

best 10 inch tablet in india

Throughout this article, we have tried to focus on the best pieces of Tabs available out there according to user ratings/reviews, value for money, hardware/software quality, and performance, etc. We assure you to recommend the latest yet best 10 inch Tablet that are cooked in the labs of Apple, Windows, and Android.

Best 10 inch Tablets in India 2017:

As the right and best device is to be chosen, we are trying to cover the devices for all OS platform availability. Because we don’t know exactly what brand or OS ecosystem you prefer or comfortable with. Your budget also a big factor while choosing a device. We didn’t intend to separate list based on OS or brands. Instead, we have come up picking the best Tablets for iOS, Windows, and Android in the current days.

Asus Zenpad 10:

The best 10-inch tablet offered by Asus. It comes with 2048 x 1536 Multi-Touch Screen and a 8 MP rear camera that lets you take some of the best pictures. This is regarded as one of the best 10 inch tablets ever produced.

10 inch tablet with voice calling

Its marvelous battery is said to be quite powerful and will let you use it for hours without frequent charging. The provided 2 GB RAM helps in smooth running of the tablet. The processor of this tablet is pretty powerful. It is provided with Android Marshmallow and comes in dark gray color.

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7:

Apple’s latest flagship Tab is titled as iPad Pro 9.7. Current Tab market is heated with this giant’s very first launch. This is the Tab one should go for if hardcore gaming and keeping up with productivity is the prime concern. The incredibly furnished and fascinating color variants are an additional gain for buyers.

10 inch tablet 4g

We all know that Apple is always quality focused rather than quantity. So, if you are expecting pretty high-end specs from it, that’s not your catch. However, Apple iPad Pro 9.7 is one of a kind for its 256GB Internal Storage space that we usually don’t see any other Appl Tabs.

Apple iPad Air 2:

Another long-running flagship from Apple Inc, iPad Air 2 is dominating the market for quite some time now. Nevertheless, the user affection towards this device is not going to be fading anytime soon. Perhaps its affordable price range is what made it recognized separately from other Apple products as well as competitive devices from other brands.

best cheap 10 inch android tablet

So, if you are looking for a brand name on a device, a little big in size, yet keep the budget under control, this is the only thing you can expect to work the best right at the moment. It is also worth mentioning that this is the very first 10 inch tablets that conquered the iOS 9 features.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet:

The beast was in a deep sleep for a couple of past years and now awaken with a roar: Xperia Z4 Tablet. We should not also forget that Sony is recognized for producing quality products and when they are back with innovation that was a blast without a doubt.

sony 10-inch tablet India

Making a short list of what we are getting from the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet; brilliant display quality, water, and dust proof exterior, magnificent looks, high-end powerful specs, you name it.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

Samsung has shown up with quite a number of product in this category so far. We could list out more devices here from Samsung but this one stands out of others and made itself priceless for numerous reason. The devices are built with all the specs and quality that most of us seek for in the current days.

10 inch tablet samsung

The most sought after specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 are pointed out as 3 GB RAM, Exynos 5433 SoC, detachable keypad (optional), and more. The Android-powered Tab is available in two different sizes as such 8 and 10-inch to choose from.

These are our top picks among the best 10 inch Tablets available out there presently with a significant role they play unique. Irrespective of your brand choice or preferred operating system, our list of the best Tabs around wound disappoint any buyer that we assure. Regardless to mention, we have stick to the quality (both interior and exterior) while maintaining the list. We also promise to update the list regularly with every new release and market states in the future. So, stay updated with our best recommendations of world-class Tablet devices.

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