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10 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat – The Right Body Shape That You Dream For!!

exercises to reduce belly fat

Before I speak about all the exercises to reduce belly fat, firstly I would like to share you my part of the story. Last year was indeed a good year, with great health and a perfect body fitness. But this year I got a total change, as I gained a huge 5Kg and that too just around my belly & waist. I could not even wear my pretty clothes that I have purchased last year. I knew this has happened because I have stopped my Diet Plan and also didn’t practice yoga exercise to reduce tummy.

exercises to reduce belly fat

Belly fats are the biggest enemies for our health as we tend to suffer from many diseases related to our midsection. And the only solution is Exercising. One must practice a regular exercise for reducing belly fats. So what I did is Exercise every day and followed a proper diet which helped me lose 6 kg weight with 2months. Incredible, right? So, if you are also wholeheartedly wishing for a change then grab the chance and practice the yoga exercise to reduce belly fat given below.

Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fats:

The best way to reduce belly fat is some Crunches Exercises. However, there are many crunches posture involved to aim for your tummy fats. Practice now and solve the tummy issues sooner with Best Simple Exercises To Reduce Fat Tummy: Get a flat Tummy!!

1. Crunches Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat:

Among any fat burning tricks, Crunches holds the first position as this is the top famous exercise to reduce tummy fat. Now, this the time you get used to the crunches exercise & a little pain of your fat screaming. Therefore, to start the crunches exercise firstly, you must lie down on the ground flatly facing upwards.

Now slowly bent your knees and your feet to the ground. Take your hands behind your head by slightly lifting your head. Inhale as you lift your head and your torso above and exhale when you go downwards to the ground. Repeat the inhaling and exhaling process. Remember to follow the crunches at least 10 times every day. After that slowly shift to the other crunches exercise.

2. Side Crunches Exercise:

After the crunches exercise that has done on the above, now follow up with the side crunching exercise. Accordingly, simply lift your left shoulder and tilt your right torso. Ultimately, follow this with another side crunches exercise to reduce belly fat.


Practice them at least 10 times per day. if you find more different crunches then include them in your fitness regularly.

3. Twist Crunches to Reduce Tummy Fat:

When you are comfortable with the crunches exercise then you can also continue with twist crunch. As a matter of fact, twist crunch is quite similar with the side crunches. Speaking broadly, twist crunch is also similar to the normal crunch. The only difference is here you have to lift your left shoulder and move it to the right. Make sure you do no lift your torso.


However, you must follow this belly fat reducing routine every day. Check out the video tutorial for practicing. And along with it follow the 300 seconds exercise to get perfect body shape. 

4. Reverse Crunches:

Reverse crunches are the best way to pressurize your tummy fats. As a result,  it loses your extra gained weight very easily. Just a simple task and you will do well. Firstly, you need to relax and lie down on the mat. Now bring your knees up and your hands just behind the back of your head.

Note that you do not collide your fingers just keep them far from each other.One more thing makes sure your thumbs are pressed just behind your ears supporting. Your ankles can either be crossed or just let them be how it is. Inhale when you lift your knees and exhale when you go down. This should be repeated at least 10 times.

5. Running Exercises to Reduce Tummy Fat:

If you only go only for crunches exercise then your body might not develop fitness in proper. However, switch your exercise for the change.

exercises to reduce belly fat

Running every morning and evening is the best way to keep your body fit, burn huge calories and also stables your heart rate. Even your belly fats will also be reduced, so finally put a headphone or earphone and start running.

6. Jogging Exercise:

Suppose if you don’t like to go for running then you can opt for jogging exercise. This cardio exercise is quite effective to lose belly fats. Jogging automatically breaks down all the fats present in your body.

jogging to reduce tummy

7. Swimming Exercise:

The people who go for swimming have a flat tummy. Usually, because this exercise has shown positive results to reduce belly fats. Not only that, it also smooths and tones your body. So if you do not have much time to go for swimming every day. At least once or twice a week will do good.

swimming exercises to decreases tummy fat

8. Rolling Plank Workouts:

Rolling plank workout strengthens your hips, muscles and also your abdomen. Those who are suffering from back pain will also get relief with this workouts.

rolling plank

To follow this exercises to reduce belly fat, rest on the ground facing downwards and your neck looking forward straight. Now gently lift up your knees and give a firm support with your toes. Keep your knees close together for 30 seconds, plank pose is done.

Now keep your body straight and bring your legs rolling to the front. Make sure your elbow and your legs support your body. Also, do not touch your hips to the ground with knees straight.

9. Bicycling:

Follow this exercises to reduce belly fat. Firstly, you must lie down on the floor facing upwards. Now lift your legs bending your knees and your hands behind your head. Gently bring forward your left knee near your chest and your right leg away.Follow up with your right knee and left leg away. Just like you paddle the bicycle, in the same way, you can do this simple exercise.

cycling exercises to reduce belly fat

10. Side to Side Bend:

If you are a beginner and finding difficulty in exercising then you can also start with this simple exercises to reduce belly fat. Another thing is, in this exercise, you do not require to sit or lie down, instead just stand erect and straight. Keep your feet together and your hands straight to both sides.

side to side bend

Now bend on the left side as much as you can keeping your left hand on the hips and your right hand raised above. Remain in this posture for 10-15 seconds, now follow it up with the right hand on the hips raising left hand above. When you are comfortable with this exercise slowly increase the time.

How to Reduce Belly Naturally (Additional Ways):

  • Drink 11-12 glasses of water daily (3liters) or else you can also carry your own water bottle every day on your work too.
  • Eat a good amount of diet mostly, fresh juices and vegetables. Fruits that contain an excess amount of water are much better.
  • Omit sugar completely from your diet list and alternatively use honey, palm sugar etc.
  • Do not oversleep because an adult is required to sleep jus 7-8 hours at night. More than this hours may lead to obesity.

Fats in your belly is something that makes you look ugly especially for women when you wear a bodycon dress. A bad lifestyle living and an unhealthy diet is the result of gaining weight. However, I have listed some exercises to reduce belly fat that has worked wonderfully for me. Both men and women can follow up this exercises. I hope this will also help you to reduce tummy fat. Also practice Yoga For Weight Loss | Get The Best Health With This Yoga.

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