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10 Best Songs to Listen While Travelling | Make Your Trip the Best

listen to music while travelling

Everyone loves to listen to music especially when you are travelling or long journey right? Yes, I do love listening to music while travelling. No matter whether you are travelling just down the road or travelling across listening to music will give you peace and happiness too. What you usually do select the songs you would love to listen while travelling that will make your journey go smoothly and filled with pleasure and joy.

best songs to listen while travelling

A journey without music is just boredom and will give all the more dizziness. If you haven’t listed some of your music collections yet or you are confused about which soundtrack to choose for your travel? Then this article will be helpful hopefully. Just have a look at the lists below 10 best songs to listen while travelling and make every single journey of yours memorable one.

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Top 10 Best Songs to listen while travelling

Here, I am going to lists out some of the popular songs that will fit top 10 best songs that you may like to listen to while you are off for travelling both short distance or long journey across. Feel the song and enjoy your travel with these listed songs which can be one of your favourites as well. Just check out and stay tuned always.

#1: Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai is everyone’s favourite song and has this song in every music lists. This is a complete Bollywood song, a Farhan Akhtar debut film in 2001. This song fits for a road trip, and you can feel this song if you are travelling to Mumbai to Goa through the Konkan coast because this is where the scene of the song has been shot.

dil chahta hai

#2: Illahi from the film Yeh jawani Hain Diwani

Illahi song has become popular from the film Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, and almost everyone loves this song and listen to it while travelling. You can list this ordinary adventure song on to your music list and make a plan for travel. In this video song, you can see Ranbir Kapoor travelling to Paris going for an ordinary drive.


#3: Hum Jo Chalne Lage from the film Jab We Met

Hum JO Chalne Lage is a beautiful song from the film Jab We Met. I must say, this is an awesome track you must have in your music list and listen to it while you are travelling especially with your loved one.

hum jo chalne laage

#4: Kabira from film Yeh Jaawani Hai Diwani

Kabira is a perfect song fits for listening while travelling when you feel sad or leaving a special moment at your heart and going to an entirely unknown place. You can listen to this song to recall your good times spent with your loved ones whenever you are travelling.


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#5: Azaadiyan from Udaan

Azaadiyan is such a lovely song that is incomplete if you don’t listen to this Indian Bollywood contemporary song. Add this track to your music lists and listen to it everytime you travel.

aazaadiyan sone

#6: Patakha Guddi from film Highway

Patakha Guddi is a lovely song from the film Highway. I guess this is everyone’s favourite song and this song dedicates to all the travellers be it a road trip or travelling across the country. Just put on your sounding earbuds or headphones and feel this awesome song while you are on a trip and experience the moment.

pathaka guddi

#7: Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

Cruise is a lovely song that you may love to add on your music player lists and sing along too. This song is best when you go off for a road trip or party with your friends with full on volume and enjoy the road trip with this party song.

Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

#8: Paradise Coldplay

Paradise Coldplay is everyone’s favourite song again, and there isn’t anyone who does not know about this song. If you listen to the beautiful song, you will tend to forget all your sadness and feel the paradise.

coldplay paradise

#9: Shut up and drive – by Rihanna

A song by Rihanna title Shut up and drive song should be a perfect song for your road trip along with your friends. This beautiful song pumps up one’s mood and revive your energy and go on for a long drive. Just put on your Earbuds, be like a boss and sing along with Rihanna “Shut up and drive.”

shutup and drive

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#10: Running on Empty by Jackson Browne

Running on Empty is a beautiful and inspiring song sung by Jackson Browne. This song is written based on the road trip. I would say, this song would be the perfect choice to listen while you are travelling.

running on empty


So, these are the top 10 Best Songs to listen while traveling. If you are confused about choosing which song to listen while traveling then the above lists of songs both Bollywood and Hollywood would be the best choice for you. If you still don’t have this song in your song list then start downloading from the best sites available for free and listen to it whenever you are traveling. Enjoy the journey while listening to these beautiful tracks!


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