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10 Best Fitness Apps For Android Smartphone For Quick Track

best fitness app for Android

Want to stay fit, healthy and always motivated with the best fitness apps for Android? Health is the biggest concern for most of the people out there. Well, with the smartness of technology, our Smartphone could be a great companion for fitness. Smartphones are now smart enough to guide you and tracking valuable marks of your health. It can guide you well enough routinely, track your activities and much more.

There are numerous fitness apps available and to choose the best fitness apps from the lists is a bit challenging. Check out the top fitness app for your Android device if you facing the same to find good fitness tracking app for you.

10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone

1: Strava Running and Cycling GPS

For daily runner and cyclist, Strava could be the best tracking apps for Android users that supervise your running or cycling direction through GPS tracker. Today, there are millions of people who are using this amazing Android fitness app and keep a record of their daily activities and also share with friends like highlights, stories, and photos. You can download the app from Google Play Store for free.best Android apps fro fitness

Features of Strava Running and Cycling GPS

  • The users can track their runs or cycle absolutely for free.
  • The app is user-friendly and works with almost all GPS running activity trackers, cycling bikes, and watches.
  • This app helps in a cardio workout and also pairs with leaderboards, challenges that bring a competitive energy in your everyday routine.
  • This app supports Android Wear where you can both record and uploads whole Strava activities even without the use of mobile phone.

2: Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit is another best fitness app for Android that monitors and track your activities, progress from your smartphones, web and Android Wear watch. Google Fit keeps a record of your everyday run, walk or cycling. This app is best for losing weight and also good for heart rate workout. This fitness app is available for download on Google Play Store.best health tracking apps for android

Features of Google Fit

  • This app effortlessly keeps a record of your everyday activity.
  • It monitors and records your real time stats for your rides, walks and running so that you can stay on the track.
  • It gives you recommendations as well as coaching helping you to accomplish your goals.
  • With Google Fit, you can also set your own goals and will receive an alert once you reached your goals.

3: RunKeeper

RunKeeper is also one of the best fitness apps for Android. This app comes with cool features and also offers the third party services to its users. If you are one among the runner than this app would be a perfect option as it monitors and records your runs through GPS tracker. Not only that, it also supervises how much distance covered, calories burned, integrate your every activity.Android fitness apps

Features of RunKeeper

  • With RunKeeper fitness app, you can set your goals to stay fit and the coaching will help you out.
  • This app keeps a track of your everyday workout like walking, running, jogging, rides and with the help of GPS tracker, you can get a clear view.
  • This app also helps you stay motivated by showing you the progress.
  • You can join the challenges as well as share your achievements with your friends.

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4: Jefit Workout Tracker Gym Log

Jefit is also a fitness app for Android especially designed for the bodybuilders and strength training. This app keeps track of all your weight, reps and sets within the interface of the app. The app is loaded with a number of exercise database with complete detailed instructions, sorted routines, progress tracker, workout planner, exercise log and much more. This amazing app is available for both Android and iOS device for free absolutely.jefit apps fitness tracking

Features of Jefit

  • It helps you stay focused on your daily workout and stick to your set of fitness goals as the app provides you easy interactions.
  • The app also lets you stay motivated as well as boost up motivation that allows you to share your accomplishments with friends and community.
  • The other interesting feature of Jefit is that it helps you save money because it provides you a pocket trainer.

5: 7 Minute Workouts

7 Minute Workout is one of the best fitness apps for Android. This app is best for those beginners with fitness routines. This app works perfectly well and it provides all the steps and detailed instructions to complete the routine workout. Following the workout routines can be helpful for losing weight as well as building muscles for both men and women.best health apps for smartphone

Features of 7 Minute Workout

  • The app supports Google Fit as well as voice guidance.
  • The app comes with a very good UI design.
  • With this app, you have the options to pause the current exercise or go to the previous workouts or can even skip and to go to the next workouts.
  • You will receive everyday workout notification.
  • There is a workout log where you can see your workout completion time.

6: FitStar Personal Trainer

FitStar Personal Trainer is an amazing app that will help you stay motivated and fit. It helps you stay in shape as there are huge programs loaded and get trained from your personal trainer for free anytime and anywhere.Android apps for fitness tracking apps

Features of FitStar Personal Trainer

  • This app provides you personalized workout videos that will show you every coaching steps and moves.
  • With just 7 to 50 minute of workout routines from your Android phone, you have the chance to stay fit.
  • There is a FitStar Radio that has a wide range of music stations that can help you stay motivated while you continue your workouts. You can also customize the soundtrack.
  • This app supports Chromecast so that you can view you’re the workout session on a bigger screen.

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7: 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout is best for anyone to start the workout at home without having to spend huge sum by going to the gym. This app is specially designed by professional fitness coach and it is also scientifically proven that is useful in enhancing your health. You just have to stick to your fitness goals and it will easily help you lose weight and keep you fit.apps to track fitness on Android

Features of 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

  • The app comes with detailed videos guides.
  • It helps you set your fitness goals and reminds your daily workout.
  • It automatically records your training progress.
  • The app also includes 30-day abs challenge, butt challenge, and full body challenge.

 8: FitBit

FitBit is a free Android fitness app for both men and women. This app keeps a track of your daily activity and shows your workout progress. If you are keen to stay healthy and fit, you can stick to FitBit that lets you stay active, manage your weight, eat better and sleep better.top fitness app for android'

Features of FitBit

  • FitBit tracks your daily workout over time for calories burned, distance covered, etc.
  • This app comes in support with GPS tracker that helps in tracking your walks, rides, and runs.
  • It keeps you on track with log activities like workouts and Yoga.
  • It also tracks heart rate with the use of Charge HR and Fitbit Surge.
  • It also helps you manage your weight with Log Food to see how much calories each day you consume.
  • The other interesting feature is that you can challenge your friends on daily basis or weekly basis.

9: Fitness Pal

Fitness Pal comes with all the workout programs that you need from workout logger to heart monitor, steps tracker to progress tracker and much more. It is also the best fitness app for Android and people who want to lose weight and strengthen muscles.fitness app for Android

Features of Fitness Pal

  • It comes with body weight and Gym exercise instructions.
  • The app also includes body fat calculator, fitness challenges, calorie calculator, BMI calculator, etc.
  • There are several workout routines included.

10: Mevo – Weight Loss and Fitness

Mevo could be the best choice if thinking to lose excessive fats. It is a free app available for download from Google Play Store. This fitness app helps those fitness enthusiasts to achieve the fitness goals like staying healthy and weight management by just keeping a track on your diet, run, calorie and fitness. So, download this free best fitness for Android and gain some good health.best fitness app for Android

Features of Mevo Weight Loss and Fitness

  • The app comes with healthy diets, dine out and recipes for weight loss management and fitness.
  • It reminds you to stay on track of your daily workout.
  • It also has a weight tracker that helps in tracking your weight loss goals.
  • The app brings to you with personalized yoga instructor, workout plans, and pedometer tracker etc.

These are the best fitness apps for Android listed in the above with complete details. So, if you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles, loss weight and stay slim and fit, you must try out these Android apps that do not require huge money instead will benefit you with healthier living by getting trained by your own pocket trainer. All you have to do is set your fitness goals and stick to it and follow your routines every day and you will get a better result.

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