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10 Amazing Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought For World

Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought

WhatsApp was first established in 2009, with the popularity of using Android phones. WhatsApp has now become one of the most used applications bearing users more than billions across the world. They are a fast, reliable and flexible app for messaging. With the development od WhatsApp app first time, the whole world’s face of using SMS has changed.

Before the Android reign into our world, the SMS or text message was most trending and reliable fast messaging source in the telecom network. But here, SMS have some limitation as they cost huge compared to WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides a free messaging service to the world, all you need is the internet connection.

Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought

Every year, WhatsApp comes with the new and innovative updates that include new technologies and help the users.  Much more contribution is done by WhatsApp which is worth to know and is a very efficient app that you should have it.

What Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought For World

When we were under 90’s we have experienced many devices that make our life easier. And the device is like Telephones, Voice recorder, camera. But those days to have all these devices is quite impossible, so we face many things going in slower and uneasy in any work or field.

Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought

So here is the WhatsApp app, who comes with the capability to do all the works. WhatsApp was first started as a short message service which you can send an unlimited free text message. And then WhatsApp didn’t just stop there, more updates were done and you can now start sending and sharing images without any cost.

You download WhatsApp app in your phone from the Google play store They are free to download and the latest updated version is available in it.

Download in Your phone now: Whatsapp Download For Samsung Phones Android, Symbian, Tizen

Unlike MMS, which cost huge money to send a single image to your recipient. So as compared to those classic messaging service, WhatsApp gives you features to send an image, video, GIFs, Documents, Google map so far.

And these features are really important for most of us and having WhatsApp in our phone have brought a great change in the world.

Before in any case, if we have to deliver some documents like the Word file or PDF file, we have to use our Email service. Now for using Email, there is still a limitation, you can not send any file if your don’t use your laptop or PC.

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While when you have to send some important file to your relatives who has no Pc then it’s a huge problem. But now, having Phone with an internet connection and WhatsApp is sufficient to send and share Document at any place and anywhere.

10 Amazing Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought For World

Here below in this article, we are going to discuss how WhatsApp have contributed and have brought changes in the world. Besides, we will also discuss the fact that how WhatsApp always stay ahead for providing the user full benefits and facilities to use them.

  1. Free Everything 

In this world, nothing is free, while WhatsApp is an app which will give you free in everything. If you got to call or video call make it all for free of cost. You can make an unlimited call and send an unlimited message while all you need is an internet connection. So get an internet plan and start calling all for free.

2. Voice Message

If your buddy is not online or not seeing your message, then you can also leave a voice message to them. Just click on the Record button and start saying words that you want to leave in the message. The recipient will then receive and listen your voice and will soon reply to you.

3. WhatsaApp Web in PC or Laptop 

When we talk about WhatsApp, it always remind us of Android phones and device. It is indeed true! as  WhatsApp is an Android device app, you can not use it in another device like PC or Laptop and also Mac or iOS. But WhatsApp always comes with innovative technology that allows the user to use Whatsapp on any device. Speaking of WhatsApp web, this feature will help you run your WhatsApp on your PC or laptop. With the help of this service, you can create a mirror image of your Android phones WhatsApp on your PC.

If you want to use Whatsapp then Download & Install WhatsApp For Windows Phone/Mobile

To run the WhatsApp Web in your PC you have to log into the web.whatsapp.com. This link will now redirect to the official website from which you will find a web page and see a QR code. Now go to your Phone WhatsApp and select setting then clicks on the WhatsApp Web. Next, a QR code scanner will appear; put the scanner toward the PC screen and allow to scan. You must stay still while scanning and the process will take few second. After that finally, you will get access to your WhatsApp account and operate your WhatsApp using WhatsApp web in yourPC. This Feature also has some limitation, viz, you should not turn off your Phone Data or stay connected to WiFi network to use the WhatsApp on your PC.

Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought

4. Download WhatsApp for PC or Laptop

you can also use WhatsApp directly on your PC or laptop. If you already had your WhatsApp account registered with your phone number then you can also run WhatsApp on your PC. Just you have to download the Whatsapp application on your PC. This application in flexible to any platform like PC Windows or Mac. So download the Whatsapp application on your PC and start using it now. To download WhatsApp log in to whatsapp.com and download the file based on your preferred device type.

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5. WhatsApp Free Voice Call 

WhatsApp is the first ever apps that provide the user to make free unlimited calls. When many other telecom companies are earning huge money in a voice call, WhatsApp has changed the face of calling by making it free Whatsapp to WhatsApp call. There are no limits for you nor any charge to make a voice call. Simply if your friend or recipient had a Whatsapp account then you are allowed to make free calls.

6. WhatsApp Free HD video calls 

This is another feature of Whatsapp which allow you to make free video calls. WhatsApp video calls have also brought a great change in the world as before, there were no such features that will help us see our friends while calling. So here it is with the help of WhatsApp Video calls you can stay in touch with the family or friend who is far distance.

7. Send unlimited Message, Image videos 

WhatsApp is not only used for the message you can also send and receive unlimited image, video and much more. If you have captured any moments and you wants to share to your friend then you can do that instantly. No clicking photo, make a print of it and store and wait for your relative to see the photos but you can send them instantly and let them see it.

8. Safe and Secured 

WhatsApp is provided with an end to end encryption and gives you most secure messaging facilities. There will be no third person who would read or check in from another device by mean of hacking or any source. Even the Voice call or video calls will not be accessible, only the caller and recipient will be allowed to view.

9. Send Documents 

It has now become very important for E-document, where you can easily carry your important documents on your phone or tablets. As for example, once you have book train or flight ticket you will receive a pdf file of your boarding pass via email. So you can download and share through WhatsApp. And finally using the Whatsapp you can either print your Boarding pass or tickets and use it.

10. Group Chats

Well, now discussing something important you can make it in WhatsApp group chat. This group chat will allow you discuss your project or any occasion among your partners. So you don’t have to fix any meeting at some restaurant or clubs, simply hold your phone and its done.


So these are some of the important  Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought. And all these are the main reason for which we can make our life easier. We could not imagine what would happen if suddenly WhatsApp disappears from the internet. If you don’t have an account in Whatsapp you must get it now, it can be easily downloaded from the Google play store and Android app store.

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Hope you like this article, if you got any tips please do leave a comment and let us know about your views amazing  Contribution And Changes that WhatsApp Web Brought in the world.

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