Nowadays, we can watch movies in online for free. And we don’t even need to go to the theater and watch the latest movies. Any type of movies whatever you want to watch you can watch at your home by simply visiting the free movies online sites. And now more than thousands of free movies online websites have been launched recently in which you will be able to watch your favorite movies through online streaming.

Watch Free Movies Online

And you don’t need to spend any money to watch your favorite movies by going to the theater or you don’t need to buy any disc to watch your favorite movies. And in this free movies online websites you will be able to able to watch high definition movies with high resolutions, and you can enjoy a lot and have fun with your friends or families.

Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

1: WolowTube

WolowTube site is considered as one of the websites to watch free movies online. And it is also recommended as one of the most recognized search engines for TV shows and movies. And, through this website, you will be able to find your most favorite TV shows and desired Movies.


And this website also allows you to stream HD quality movies. You don’t need to do any registration for in order to watch your favorite movies. Currently, Wolowtube has more than 30,000 movies in its database.

2: PrimeWire

PrimeWire website is also considered as one of the best sites among many other reputed sites in this category. If the other websites get updated with hundreds of free to watch movies almost in every minute or second, it becomes the first. PrimeWire has consisted of thousands of Hollywood movies starting from old movies to new ones. All the movie contents are streaming for free of cost.


The main thing that you need to do is that you will have to create your user account. And after that, right immediately after you log into your user account, you will be able to watch unlimited movies online for free.

3: Crackle


Crackle certainly is also one of the best movies streaming websites in the whole worldwide which allows you for watching online movies for free without doing any registration. In this website plenty of movies which includes sci-fi movies, sports genre, horror, adventures movies and much more. You will find an option where you can create your Watchlist.

4: Hulu


This website is owned by NBC, FOX, and ABC. It provides you to watch movies or TV shows online for free. For now, the site is limited to the audiences only from the US. So, if you are not residing in the US region, you won’t be able to watch any streamed movies accessing to the site.

5: Viewster


You can go through this website, and you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. Moreover, this website is a trusted site by its thousands of users. And this site includes different kinds of movies such as action movies, horror, adventure and more.

6: Movie4K


Movie4K is also one of the trusted sites to watch free online movies for free. Here you will be able to stream and watch high-quality TV shows or Movies, without paying a dime. The site allows you to browse and play unlimited HD movies using any kind of computing devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

7: Streaming-Movies

stream movies

This site has more than thousands of movie collection in its database. That is why it is rated as one of the top best sites to watch free movies online. But this site requires the flash player to watch your favorite movies online for free.

8: Watch Movies Online

In this website, the movie contents are classified into various categories such as Animation, Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Adventures movies and so on. You will find your favorite movie genre and the contents are available to stream absolutely free of cost.

9: Movie25


This website is also very good for watching online streaming movies for free. However, Movie25 has no collection of any TV shows and does not stream any. It has a massive collection of HD movies, and you can rely upon this platform if you are really into movies rather than any other thing.

10: Popcornflix


In this website also you don’t need to do any registration in order to watch online movies. In this website, you can search movies by the popular genres such as Action, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, Drama, and more.


We have listed the top best movies streaming sites which will allow you to watch free movies online.  You don’t need to go for torrent sites and all. You can simply avoid blockage by watching free movies online. The best part of live streaming is you can easily watch movies from any of your devices including PC, laptop, iPhone, Android Smartphone or tablet that suits you the best.

Additionally, if you are fond of Animation movies, we have a bulk of sites for watching Anime Movies you must visit right now. And, to feed your hunger towards music, here are the best sites for Downloading Free Mp3 tracks.