Hi, today you are going to learn one of the most important thing behind a blog success( link building techniques). This are kind of hidden key, that boost up your blog high in the SERP. I was not aware of link building techniques or link building strategy in my past blogging periods. But later I realized you cannot compete other blog post in search engine without quality backlinks to your blog post. Link building is one of the most powerful key to push up your blog post high in the Search engine. You had to learn link building techniques to be in the competition.

Link building is one the common thing that every newbie blogger avoids. Due to which most of the newbie blogger’s find themselves way back in the competition. I am going to share some link building techniques, easy way to build links for your blog.

Link building Techniques for traffic:

Let me tell you that building backlink is always going to be beneficial. Link building can be beneficial in terms of traffic, if you do few things.



This is one of the best link building techniques I found that increased my referral traffic from backlink.


This is one of the most powerful key to breakout the traffic from high quality blog. Oh you heard that many times people saying you to comment. But did they tell you how can you benefit out of it.

No problem, I am going to tell you the secret of link building techniques in comment.

Your first work is to browse Google in your Web-browser. Search for the most searched Keyword relevant to your niche. Here what you have to do is, browse to the Top ranked post. Now go to the comment section and try to be the first one to comment by leaving your relevant post Permalink instead of home URL.

There is very less chance that you are going to be the first one to comment. Just reply to the guy who commented first on the post. It will automatically help you to be at the top of the Comment section. This is how you can cut off some traffic from the post which gets good no. of visitors from search engine. This link building technique will surely push up your traffic but may not give you dofollow link all the time.

You can practice the same thing on dofollow enabled blog. Which will be beneficial in terms of traffic as well as off Page SEO.

I had written on increase you traffic earlier.

Link building techniques for Dofollow link:

I had previously given you some easy tricks to get Dofollow backlinks from high PR websites.

But you can do few more thing to increase your backlinks.

1.Browse Google for dofollow enabled forums and add your links on those site.

2. There are few sites which are giving dofollow backlink, create your account there and leave your links to get Dofollow backlinks.

3. Commenting on a dofollow enabled sites.

Try: Get Free Dofollow backlinks from PR9,PR8,PR7.

Try: How I got 5 free PR9 dofollow backlink on my 6 days old domain.

Important Note :

Never ever go for links interchange. You can do one thing, that is if you make one group of bloggers.

Site A, Site B, Site C & Site D.

You can get 3 backlinks by maintaining a chain. Make sure that the site which gives you backlink is not linked back from your site.

Exchanging links are nothing more than a spam links.

This is one more link building techniques that can help you exchange links genuinely.

Link building techniques to avoid penalty:

You might had build 200 Quality backlinks to your blog but your blog standing for penalty why?. Guys to avoid this kind of nightmare to happen with your blog, just follow the below given link building techniques.

Avoid this below techniques:

1. Link building by exchanging links.

2. Link building only to Home page. It is very important to balance your link, referring to your blog.

3. Building too many links from one website.

Avoid this above link building techniques which can harm your blog badly.

Avoid this Blogging mistake.

Note: Link building is not just about getting backlinks, but balancing it too. Create backlinks for your blog post too, not only home page. If you have 200 links referring your homepage and 5 links referring your other page. You have to take some serious steps to recover it.

Try to keep nearly equal balance between the links referring your homepage and other page.

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This is all what I have brought for you today. I am glad to share my thoughts with you more in upcoming periods. I am definitely looking forward for feedback about this link building techniques. If you had learned anything or had any doubt on( link building techniques) please ask via comment.

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