Hi I am Paul billygraham Reang, I am blogging since 2013 July. I blog because I love blogging, also helps me to express myself to you. Blogging is the only place where I express myself to all of you. Today I am going to share you one fact about me, which changed my life.

I started blogging on 2013 July, my first blog ‘ 9bilry’. I picked up a bad Domain name as I was not aware about anything related to blog or blogging. I started my first blog with lots of excitement and joy, I was making a fool of myself at that them. I said making fool because, I was not knowing a single thing about blogging. I feel funny when I think about myself, it took me 8 days to login to my WordPress Dashboard.

My first Google Adsense disapproval:

It was just 11 days old blog, I applied to Google Adsense hoping for approval. Funny thing happened their,I got Google Adsense Approval in the first review. But I got disapproved in he second review due to copyright issue. I had no idea about copyright issue. But I was just collecting information whatever I like, no niche of the blog. I mixed up with all categories like religion, health, sports, adventure, Bollywood, tattoos & many other stupid things.

Why Google Adsense is not accepting your blog?

Let me first tell you, do not be broken because if others can get Google Adsense approval. You can also get it, you just you have to make small changes.



Let me tell you one fact!! Google Adsense want more and more publishers. That is because more publisher they own, more profit they make out of it. We just have to make a site that comply with their policy. They really want you to make site that comply the policy. That is because if their policy is not strictly followed you can never get a good advertisers who really pay you high.

Adsense approval has become so much problem for new bloggers, they are actually ready to pay high amount for Adsense approval.

But truth is even if you have Adsense account it is not possible to earn good money without good blog. You may earn some amount but less.  But if you make a good site you can easily get Google Adsense Approved.

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How can I make good site So that I get Google Adsense Approval?

It’s never going to be tough one, just follow below instructions.

  1. You are looking to earn money right!! Be professional. Design your blog user friendly and simple so that it is easy to navigate.
  2. Write long contents 500+words on every single post. You will not be approved if you write short contents.
  3. Authorize your blog, that is when I visit your blog I should instantly know what kind of post I will find in your blog. Concentrate on particular thing, you can’t catch up all at a time.
  4. Try your best to get some traffic from search engines, else you are going to have tough time to get Google Adsense Approval.
  5. 100% original work only no copied image or contents.

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How I got Google Adsense Approval After so much disapproval?

This is another fact!! Take care of this things. What I did in past was, I applied again for Google Adsense as soon as I got disapproved.

Whenever you get disapproved, try to improve things on your blog instead of applying again. Also wait for 1 week before you apply again.

First I got around 20-30 disapproval and my account got ban without getting approval. I tried too much unnecessarily, so don’t do it.  After that when I got rejected I improved my blog, took me to a better place all the time.

I later got fed up of Adsense disapproval letter, I decided to go for alternative ads. But it didn’t work for me, I decided to work and improve my blog ranking. That is the time that changed my life, I dived to a blogging, learning things everyday. I everyday improved by blog by that time, also I read lots of blog that helped me to grow up.

One day I found mail From one advertising company, mailing for advertisement to me. I got shocked, and I decided I will not go for it as he asked me 1 million impression for buying. I found it tough to make it so didn’t go for it as my traffic was low on that blog.

That was the time it hit me, I felt like I can get Google Adsense approval. So I gave one more try for it,I was finally approved. I felt so much happy because I got disapproved too many times.

This is how I Got Google Adsense approved,

I shared with you a small part of my life, so that you don’t do mistake which I did. I am not sharing this to show off or anything, but just to stop you from repeating the mistakes I did.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Best Regards