3 Best Websites With Great Landing Pages

Landing Pages are most important thing which we must be aware off. Basically our users Judge our blog quality by looking at the blog design, how attractive/appealing it is. For blog is remains simple on many cases, but however it becomes very much important for commercial sites, Official sites, news, coupon sites  Or shopping sites etc.

It is also considered proper placements of right element in right place can increase your conversion rate. After lots of experiments it is seen that many big commercial sites have made certain changes, resulting great for many & many failed completely. Even for blogs it is essential to keep important elements in your homepage to keep your new visitors.

You might have seen lots of professional/expert bloggers keeping one of the most appealing post sticky in home page. It is one of the best practice to keep new visitors & converting it to daily visitors by sharing impressive  contents at home page. Different kind of blogs have different requirements and different kind of homepage Like some for Clicks, Impression or conversion etc. Some prefer different landing page for different pages & some prefer same kind of landing pages.

Out of Which We have some Sites With Great Landing Pages:

Check Some of the website mentioned below:

1. Forbes:

Forbes is one of the most popular site with lots of activeness and popularity owned online. Forbes is included in one of the top reputed sites in the world web, very fast growing site.  It currently comes under top 200 world’s best site in the world as per alexa rankings.

The landing page is very cool & simple with lots of important elements featured. The best thing about this site is that, everything that appears is very clean and clear, which is one of the most important thing.

Advertisements & other elements: You can easily notice & understand which is ads and which is main content. It looks very good in all devices, simple & user friendly.

2. Mashable:

Mashable is one of the biggest site when it comes to tech niche, it is always seen at the top of Google news result. Mashable always finds ton’s of unique articles and mainly focusing on social media & technology news topics. It has ton’s of authors and millions of users reading lots of new stuffs everyday.


The landing pages is just awesome, simple, attractive & keeps everything clear.

3. is one of the new site based on coupons, for getting discount coupon for shopping on various shopping sites. The design of the site is very impressive and have very awesome landing pages. is overall very nice website for saving money while shopping online.

We have 3 reasons to choose this website as the best landing page:

Reason1: Their subscribe widget is very attractive. Whenever a visitor visits site, 80% chances of getting subscribed to couponmachine. Recently we Interviewed with CEO, Abdul Sattar. He said “After keeping this subscribe widget subscribers increased to 600%.”.  This explains, big attractive  widgets can increase conversion..

Reason 2: Amazing discounts on homepage: This decreases bounce rate of this website. Abdul Sattar said, Bounce rate of CouponMachine is less than 5%. This is really amazing figure.

Reason 3: Their store pages are very attractive. We have gone through one of their store page. We saw awesome coupons and deals. I can confidently say, this page is going to help a lot in decresing their bounce rate to more extent. As a visitor, I gone thorugh their Firstcry store page and I was amazed to see 100’s of coupons. This page tempted me to go further. is Indian website, with lots of appealing designs at landing pages with sliding & many more cool features.

Here are some examples of how great landing pages gain very good popularity in very short time, Do you think you should start working on your landing pages. If you know any more sites with very good landing page let us know, we are willing to add it in the list.

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